Making History

In much the same way Sparta's King Leonidas and a small army of determined warriors stopped the advance of the massive Persian empire at the Battle of Thermopylae 2500 years ago, SpicyPress empowers small businesses and organizations to compete against much larger conglomerates & corporations.

Let's just hope we fare better than they did!

Web Publishing & Community Networks

SpicyPress:  How Hot Can You Make It

The basic idea behind SpicyPress Web Publishing and Community Networks is actually a simple, straight-forward approach to marketing:

Share resources to reduce costs;

Use proven technology and current best-practices;

Connect and establish online brand identities to give Google the 'entity' and 'data relationships' it is looking for, together with the trust factor confidence people want;

Use premium themes and addons to make a good impression and to communicate more effectively with potential and existing customers;

Leverage the activity of other members to build authority through crowd marketing;

Cooperate in practical and sustainable ways by inviting fair-minded and competent 3rd-party contractors and agencies to participate and help members;

and reward referrals and network participation.


SpicyPress Connects Accounts


"How Ideas Get Published"

Web Publishing

SpicyPress uses the WordPress blogging and CMS (content management) platform together with top-name Theme Frameworks, Plugins and Page Builders.

We're here to provide small businesses and organizations with the same tools used by large corporations in their web development and online marketing.  At a fraction of the cost. Working together, we can do a lot more for a lot less.

Help is 'crowd-sourced' with assistance coming from forums and job board with 3rd-party freelance contractors. A support ticketing system is also available.

Community Networks

SpicyPress features high-quality niche market and location-based directories and website hosting to promote people, places, events, and services.