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Boost Your Brand with Content and Data Connections

To Build Brand Authority SEO "Set and Forget" a Directory Listing Syndicating Your Social Media and Website Content or
"Go All In" with Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategies & Campaigns or
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Build Your Business By Engaging With People In All
"Stages of Travel"  
 Dreaming + Planning + Booking + Experiencing +Sharing

What to Do & How to Do It

Figuring Out Your Options Is A Little Bit Like Drinking From A Firehose

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Become Popular With People and Search Engines

  • Establish Trust & Authority
  • Use Multiple Channels Quickly & Easily
  • Keep in Contact with Customers & Partners
  • Provide Useful Information
  • Understand What People Care About
  • Maximize Customer Lifetime Value
  • Display Meaningful Trust Factors
  • Distribute Your Messages Widely
  • Get Found and Convert Customers
  • Automate and Outsource
  • Crowdsource and Cooperate

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Web Publishing Community Network

Establish Your Brand and Promote Your Destination Experience
Make Your Marketing More Effective By Building Trust & Authority

MembershipMembers Have Access to a Wide Assortment of Free and Premium Hosted Tools Along With the Help They Need To Attract, Convert, and Maximize the Lifetime Value of Customers

Content MarketingContent Marketing - Search Engine Optimization - Social Media Syndication - Relationship Marketing - Lead Generation/Campaign Landing Pages & Conversion Optimization - Analytics

Travel MarketingSupercharged Directory Listings - Branded Authorship Article Posting - Managed SEO Optimized Websites/Blogs/Landing Pages - Support & Services and Much More

Connect All Your Content and Profiles From One Place - Make Your Existing Website(s) and Social Profiles Stronger or Create & Host Everything on the Network

Whether or Not You're Using OTA's & Partners, Search Engines, 
Advertising, or Social Media to Get Customers
You Should Be Constantly Working on Your
Brand Authority and Trustworthiness

Do-It-Yourself / Done-For-You / Do-It-For-Others

Web Publishing

Get Discovered and Build Authority Using
Content, Activity & Data Connections

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  • Do-it-Yourself DIY
  • Done-For-You DFY
  • Do-It-For-Others DFO

Small Business Marketing

Cooperative Digital Marketing = Better Results & Lower Costs

Use the Power of the Crowd to Reduce Costs and Get Results
Work With Other Members to Gain Advantage
Connect Your Content and Brand to All Your Profiles

Use Free Mainstream Resources to Build Brand Identity; Then Supercharge Your Accounts With Relevant Content, Activity, and Data Connections

Optimize Google My BusinessThe first step in building your Authority is to optimize your Google My Business account - make sure you're using all features - service area, products, Q&A, reply to Reviews, post Images, etc.

Bing Places MapsGMB is critically important but don't forget to use Bing Places and Bing Webmaster Tools. Some studies show that Bing visitors tend to convert better. Your site needs to be error-free.

Social Media for Brand AuthorityCreate and maintain Social Media Accounts, even if you're not all that active on them; you can automate content syndication to present a larger brand identity footprint where people and search engines can find you. Encourage your customers to tell their stories with your hashtags.

Tour, Travel, and Hospitality DirectoryThe TGP Directory is a powerful way to connect your profiles and content. You haven't seen anything quite like it.

Connect All Your Profiles With All Your Content For More Trust & Better SEO

Do You Know Your Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) Score?

A Common Trait Among Successful Brands, Content Creators, and Marketers is that they Diversify and Use More Than Just Expensive Advertising and OTA's


You Probably Could Do A Lot More To Maximize Marketing Opportunities;


The Big OTA's, Social Networks, and Search Engines Really Don't Care If You Succeed, and You Need to Diversify How People Find Out About You;


Small Operators Can Apply the Same Strategies Used Successfully by Large Conglomerates Without Needing The Huge Budgets.


How To Better Manage Your Target Customer Decision-Making Process Using Content and Relationship Marketing

Think About Your Target Customer "Sales Cycle" and the "Stages of Travel" -

  • Discovery, Research, Decision
  • Dreaming, Planning, Booking, Experiencing, Sharing


Keep in mind that few people make a purchase decision the first time they discover something. You need to be seen in more than one place. Ideally, you want to convert "micro-commitments" and stay in touch with people as they make decisions. Prospective customers will probably do some research before committing; what do they see when they search your brand?

Previous customers are a valuable resource you cannot afford to neglect for reviews, referrals, content, and lifetime monetization value.

People and search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) seek answers to questions & solutions to problems. Focusing on this intent earns better results. To grow success requires constant effort to build Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

Why Consolidate & Connect All Profiles and Content 

The Local Knowledge Advantage - Location & Expertise

No matter the size of the organization it's no secret that in order to get discovered and convince people to trust you it is important to build brand recognition across multiple channels (video, social, reviews, search, maps, blogs, OTA's, advertising, directories, etc.).

Brand AuthorityWhen it comes to showing up in search results one thing that is often overlooked is the need to not just promote a business, but to also establish the authority of content creators; i.e. "author rank" or "authorship". 

Google publishes a 165-page guide for it's team of quality rating staffers (10,000+ people that evaluate search results for accuracy); it refers to the importance of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) more than 150 times and instructs raters to judge the writers and not just the websites. 

This idea shows up in the evolution of "guest posting" - Google will penalize PBN guest post content unless there is clear evidence of relevancy. It's why creating content in a community niche that focuses on brand identity is the right approach. The old days of trying to fool Google are over; give them what they want.

Consider Less Sales Pitch and more Solution to a Question

Small operators should try to demonstrate their expertise. Create and post relevant content consistently. It does not have to be complicated. Simple is good. Mention location and properly formatted images at every opportunity. Don't obsess about keywords, differentiate yourself with uniquely useful information that your target audience is looking for and wants to read and share.

Start by optimizing Google My Business (GMB), which is good for verifiable trustworthiness, but expertise and authority requires more work. It's why the community network connects social profiles to relevant content using data relationships (links between citations, content, and multiple profiles).

It should be noted that Google will probably reinvent/reengineer Google My Business before too long, so the sooner we use known methods for establishing identity and authority the better.

Googlebot is hungry for information. Note that network profiles and activity streams are crawled and get indexed quickly by Google. If they consider it important, maybe you should too. (BTW: FAQ often gets crawled and indexed before other content)

Invest in creating useful information and get more value from existing marketing channels by making sure they are connected to your profile(s) and relevant quality content. Here's One Way To Do It

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Hosted & Managed Solutions For:
Content Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Social Media Syndication, Search and Conversion Optimization

  • Membership (free & paid)
    Reduce costs and make marketing easier and more effective. Increase author E-A-T with free access to robust profiles, relevant editorial linking, events calendar, job board, and more. Upgraded membership unlocks high-performance resources.
  • Web Publishing
    Incorporate proven tools and the latest strategies for creating, distributing, and aggregating to and from social media, blogs, reviews, maps, and more.
  • Technical Marketing
    Structured data code, AMP, data connections, co-citation/co-occurrence. increased links, mentions & impressions, and user engagement will boost small brand SEO. This is especially true for Mobile-First Indexing, Voice Search, and Local Search results from Google and Bing.
  • Flexibility 
    Do-it-Yourself, Done-For-You, Do-it-For-Others

Before investing in ways to attract more potential customers (ads, paid SEO, OTA upgrades, etc.) focus on improving conversions.

There is a lot you can do to get more customers without getting more web traffic.

Remember, people seldom make a purchase decision the first time they see your info. Stay in touch, and try to get seen in more places to build trust factors.

Travel Marketing

Why Join The Community Network?

We are sincerely interested in helping you succeed.

Tour Guide Press Free Membership 

Increase Brand SEO by Connecting Your Social Profiles with Links to Your Facebook, Google, Tripadvisor and Yelp Reviews, PLUS Events Calendar & Job Board, Bookmark (relevant editorial link), Affiliate Referral Rewards, and Activity Stream. Googlebot Will Likely Crawl and Probably Index Your Profile and Activity, and Follow Your Links.

Additional Network Resources Can Help Supercharge Digital Marketing and Brand SEO. Advanced Capabilities are Featured in Directory Listings, and Author Postings, and Website/Blogs.

Contact Us for free advice and professional recommendations.


Balance Your Time, Money, and Effort
Show People and Search Engines What They Are Looking For

Tour Guide Press is a large toolbox full of different solutions (free and paid) that make marketing more effective and affordable. 

Let us know what you'd like to achieve and we'll happily make a practical recommendation.

Read more about E-A-T Scores here.

Tourism Marketing

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Tour Operator Marketing

Useful & Valuable Network Resources

Member Profile (free) - community network member profiles connect your various brand identity profiles with relevant content and activity. DO NOT OVERLOOK THE VALUE OF DOING THIS.

Website/Blog (paid) - you can post to your TGP site and automatically syndicate that content to multiple social accounts (including Google My Business); display your Youtube channels, social posts and/or other website RSS feed; do live search of your other website; display real reviews from Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook, and Yelp; benefit from structured data & co-citation SEO; and access more premium tools than you'll ever use.

Directory Listing (paid) - display your Youtube channels, social posts and/or other website RSS feed; benefit from structured data & co-citation SEO; and more.

Social Bookmarks (free to members) - submit a link to your website; add image & custom descriptive summary for a quality relevant editorial link. Share it on your social network for more buzz from bigger online footprint and data connections.

Guest Post Authority Articles (paid) - not a guest post, but an Authorship post.  Build E-A-T through authoritative articles linked to brand identity. The days of anonymous guest posting and sponsored content distribution have been replaced by proud Authorship and Brand expertise. Posts are recorded in author profile activity stream and promoted through RSS co-occurrence feeds, and social sharing.  Write an article as a network author, link to your primary website as a solution to a problem - get community traffic and an SEO boost.

Trust & Authority = Content and Activity Connected to Your Brand

Discover, create, distribute, and aggregate useful information.
Establish relationships between small brands and potential & existing customers.
Connect social profiles, reviews, and interesting content.


Compare Options

See Video and Images

Check Ratings and Reviews

Monitor Social Activity

Contact Before Booking

Businesses & Organizations

Answer Questions

Respond to Trends

Diversify, Automate & Streamline Marketing

Budget Time, Money, & Efforts

Measure What People Care About

Search Engines

Brand Identity

Location Info & Editorial Links

Data Signals & Activity

Verifiable Information

Fresh and Trending Content

Complete, Evergreen Answers

(membership is free)

Consolidate & Connect Social Profiles, Content, Reviews, and Brand Identity

Local Tours

You Have Not Seen A Directory Like This

Tour, Travel, and Hospitality DirectoryMuch More Than "Just a Link" or Simple Online Business Card. Maybe It Should Be Called An Advanced SEO Marketing Hub.

A key feature of the Community Network is the Tour, Travel, and Hospitality Directory

Like other quality directories, these travel related listings show Contact NAP Citations (name, address, phone), Website, Email & WhatsApp Links, Map Directions, Ratings & Reviews, Video/Image Gallery, customizable HTML description, and a secure email contact form.

What really sets things apart is fresh updated content from Website/Blog Post Feed(s), Local Weather, Facebook Feed, Pinterest Feed, Twitter Feed, YouTube Channel, and display of Slideshare, and PDF Brochure Flipbook. 

Profile links to Social Accounts are set as "dofollow" to better connect brand identity to relevant content. Customizable structured data schema helps make sure search engines know what you, your listing, and connected profiles and content are about.

Prospective customers can access a variety of useful information and navigate to what interests them. Businesses & Organizations can use listings as their content marketing hub, SEO toolbox, and trust factor consolidator. Listings boost Brand SEO with Google-friendly data relationships used to calculate authority and search result positions.

These listings get crawled frequently by Googlebot looking for information and updates. Fresh trending topics with data relationships to brand identity, location, and relevant content are used by search algorithms to calculate search results.

If you want to get found by more people and seen more often because search engines understand your brand better, the directory will help you do that.

Static Citations are Good.
Dynamic Updated and Trending Connections are Better.

Supercharge Brand SEO Add or Claim Your Listing

Visit the Tour Guide Press Directory

Advanced Directory

Local Tours

Mobile Friendly Websites

Do Your Business A Favor Upgrade Your Website

Create New Website - Upgrade/Transfer Your Existing Site
Or Add a Content Marketing Blog

A Place to Showcase Your...

The Community Network is a Good Place to
Host your Primary Website or a
Tier 1 Authority Blog Linking to your Mainsite

Website Rental

Travel ReviewsDisplay Real Reviews on YOUR Website
(keep visitors from leaving and being distracted)

Why Have A Tour Guide Press Website?

It's the most affordable and effective way to access premium tools and get support. Built-in SEO makes it extremely valuable. Connect all social profiles and content with tools for conversions and long-term lifetime value.

Easy Creation of Managed and Hosted Quality Websites and Tier 1 Authority Blogs

Get a Quality High-Performance
Website in Just Minutes 

Use Your Own Domain or Simpy Have an Extension of

Incredible Value with
Pre-Designed Templates 

Huge Selection of Professional Tools
Included At No Extra Costs

Mobile-Friendly and
Local Search Optimized

Security and Maintenance Handled by
Customer Support

Local Tours

Marketing Solutions

Generate Some Buzz for Your Brand
Attract New Customers from Better SEO and More Mentions
Encourage Existing Customers to Give Reviews and Referrals

Members Can:

  • Create a Profile, Join Groups, Connect with Peers
  • Get a Professional Website or Tier 1 Blog*
  • Post Articles on Travel and Tourism Topics*
  • Add or Claim Listings on Industry Directory*
  • Find or Post Opportunities on Job Board
  • Find or List Marketing Services on Marketplace*
  • Add Events to Industry Events Calendar
  • Publish Bookmarks About Related Websites
  • * with subscription upgrade
  • Do-it-Yourself DIY
  • Done-For-You DFY
  • Do-It-For-Others DFO

Tour and Travel Business

Search Through Solution Articles, and FAQ for
"How to Do Things You Want To Do"



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