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Hosted Websites

Website Registration

To register a website requires signing up for a free membership account and logging in; and then return to this page to subscribe to a website plan.

Using a mobile device? Scroll down for additional info.

Website / Blog Registration

Thank you for registering or renewing your website/blog.

Subsite URL

There are several options for your site URL address. 

1) a subfolder of the mainsite

2) your own domain name

3) start with a subfolder and add your own domain name to it later (you can create a new site, test it and even start driving links and traffic to it, then change the URL address when you want)

Subfolder For example just enter   exampletours - and your site address will be
please note hyphens and numbers are discouraged.

Domain Enter - and your site address will be

You will need to change your nameservers at your registrar and we'll need to setup SSL. Details on this can be found on the New Website Checklist

Subsite Name and Tagline

The subsite name would typically be something like... Example Tours

The subsite tagline could be something like... The Best Sampling of Tours 

Terms of Use

We strive to build quality and a rewarding user experience; please keep in mind Terms of Use are enforced. If you'd like to read them please visit Terms of Use page.