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What Works for You?

Local Search Checklist

"Empowering Small Business"
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How Do People Find Out About Your Products & Services?

How Do They Know You Are Trustworthy and Offer What They're Looking For?

What Do People Find When They Search Your Brand?

Do you do co-marketing and work with peers, or nearby related businesses?

Do you engage in guerrilla marketing?

Do you have a blog? or a website?

Do you use social media for business and really make it work for you?

Are you listed in a variety of local and niche relevant directories?

If you're advertising are you getting the best possible return on investment from targeted landing pages?

Are you encouraging and getting testimonials, referrals, and reviews from customers (and showing these on your website)?

Do you communicate and cooperate regularly with your peers, partners, and customers to improve things?

Are You Producing Evergreen Content? (do you know what that means?)

Do you know if your brand website meets Google E-A-T quality guidelines?

Web Publishing

If you don't... then you need to get busy.
If you do... then you need to get busier.

Digital Marketing Cooperative

An Easier Way to Get to Where You Want to Go

Business Development Platform, Tools, and Services for:

Professional branding to increase positive web presence;

Legitimate relevant editorial links to boost off-site SEO for existing external websites; and structured data to strengthen your local SEO;

Data relationships to establish identity and authority through verifiable profile connections and activity [one of the first things Google indexes are profiles and user activity];

Enhance trust factors by getting more results in informational & navigational searches (people search your brand, see a lot more results);

Give Google the structured data snippet to associate your Google My Business (GMB) account with your social media profiles and get them displayed on the Google Knowledge Panel;

Reputation management control by encouraging more authentic reviews and referrals and displaying real reviews from Google, Tripadvisor, Yelp, and Facebook (keep people on your site and not wandering off on social media);

Social media marketing automation (post content in one place and distribute to multiple accounts on multiple networks), automatically add curated intro/summary text to posts;

Relationship marketing to get found by people, and stay in touch for repeat business and to generate referrals & reviews;

Customer acquisition and retention (get more customers and keep them coming back);

Maximizing content marketing potential through strategic creation and distribution placement;

Leverage crowd marketing - to build brand authority and get longer lasting value from social media activity;

Analytics data to better understand what potential and existing customers are interested in, how and where they make decisions, where visitors come from, and what people respond to and how they behave on your website; allowing you to adjust messages, layouts & designs.

Affordable and effective digital marketing and small business promotion.

Local Tours

Social, Search, and Content Marketing
How it Works

Network Marketing

How It Works
Content Marketing

Community Marketing

“As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand.”
 – Ernest Hemingway 

Just as there is more than one kind of customer, there is more than one way of reaching your target audience.

Successful content marketing begins with understanding your own purpose for distributing information, and then figuring out your reader's intent, and how these people find stuff and make choices.

Content is more than just what people read, it's what they experience. Videos, galleries, audio, games, polls, quizzes, discussions, reviews, testimonials ... and more. You want people to engage, react, follow, and share; and you want them to return for another visit.

The trick is developing the strategies and doing the necessary content creation and distribution tasks both efficiently and effectively. For most small businesses this comes down to balancing your available Time, Budget, and Effort.

Tour Guide Press gathers dozens of resources together into an affordable toolbox used to create, display, distribute, and connect ideas, information, and people. It is a business development platform to attract and deal with customers, and build brand awareness & authority. It is also a place to learn about and perform important marketing tasks, and to outsource work without breaking your budget.

Internet of Travel

(membership is free)

Local Tours
Network Marketing

How It Works
Authority Building

Community Marketing

“You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do.”
 – Henry Ford 

The new paradigm of internet marketing is to continuously work to improve your Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) score so that your Brand will be more visible and attractive to prospective customers, and to make sure existing customers don't forget about you and that they refer people to your business.

Because people and search engines are interested in solutions to problems and/or answers to questions, carefully crafted content marketing and social connections can boost 'data relationships' and 'authority signals'.

Search engines use these factors (and many others) to determine search results. And more importantly, "mentions" found in a variety of places help people discover, understand, and trust what you're about and whether or not they want to do business with you.  

Remember, few people will make a purchase commitment the first time they see your information.

E-A-T involves more than just "Brands". Authors also need to work to improve their authority. The community network is built with this in mind. Read more about EAT and Authors from Moz in this blog post.

Google publishes guidelines for human website evaluators - read more about this on the Content Marketing page

Authority Requires Certainty

By connecting brand identity with verified location (GMB, maps) and real author personas (social profiles & activity), together with niche relevant engagement (comments, forums, solution articles, etc) - customers respond, and search engines reward you by showing information to interested people.

Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

Create, Publish & Distribute Content Across Multiple Social Accounts


Establish Rich Author Persona Profiles with Engagement & Activity


Encourage Ratings, Reviews, Testimonials, Shares, and Referrals

(membership is free)

SEO Your Brand

SEO Your Brand Across the Web

Give both People and Google (and Bing) what they want: inform users, educate your audience, or bring awareness to your cause or company.

Generate mentions and connections to and from relevant content; and provide as much verifiable profile information as possible.

Please note that Google crawls and indexes user activity. If they care about it, maybe you should to.    

Google is undergoing a wide-range of dramatic changes in how it controls what information people find as they work through their personal sales-cycle of Discovery / Research / Commitment. We don't have all the answers on what small businesses need to do in order to compete - but common sense suggests that working on Brand Authority is the first step.

Local Tours
Network Marketing

How It Works
Crowd Marketing

Community Marketing

“Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.”
 – Margaret Thatcher 

The tourism, travel, and hospitality industry is made to order for crowd sourced marketing.

Get the Crowd to do the Heavy Lifting For You

Whether you see social media as a critical 'trust factor', a source of leads, or a channel for direct communication with customers, it is important to include it in your sales process. The key to social media and crowd marketing is figuring out how to funnel people's focus and activity back to your core online property where you can keep their attention - in other words how to get people to your website, convince them to come back, and keep them there as they make purchase decisions, and/or help you with reviews and referrals.

Social traffic might also influence Google search algorithms in calculating your authority and search results.  Even if people aren't going to be your customers you can still gain value from their activity. 

Finding the particular online places where your potential customers spend time is worth taking the time to figure out - paying attention to analytics of where your customers come from, and how well they engage with you over time can be very valuable.

Harnessing the power of the crowd is not easy - but the TGP Community Network provides the platform and tools to take advantage of trends that reflect what people want to do. 

Members are encouraged to comment, share, link, and promote each other to build authority and relevance for social profiles, content, and web properties. Generous referral rewards provide added impetus to take action.

Your existing and potential customers are prompted to read and create reviews and testimonials on the network and other authority sites. 

Real reviews from Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Google can be displayed on hosted Websites/Tier 1 Blogs.

Want to be an Authority in Your Niche?

Talk more about solutions & answers, less about yourself.

The Community Network provides an endless supply of relevant and interesting "things to talk about" that engage your audience and connects your brand identity to "things that matter".

For Example: In your social media accounts you could discuss your community network blog post that explores how your peers (different type company in your geographic location or similar company in different location) do something interesting that customers like, is an ethical trend, or makes managing things easier, or exhibits good corporate social responsibility.

You can Social Bookmark your post and then share that bookmark - which shows up in your profile Activity, that gets crawled and maybe indexed and tracked by Google.

From your blog post that is not "selling something" you can link to your primary website referring to your site as a solution, this editorial backlink is a data relationship of relevant content that people have shown to care about - Google looks for this.

Community NetworkYou now have something new and different to show your current audience, that they will share, which in turn establishes user engagement 'data points' mentioning your brandlocation, niche, and solution to a problem (this is the Marketing/SEO holy grail).

This means that you can not just boost the authority of your original content and attract more visitor traffic to it, but you can also boost the SEO value of the links discussing it. This creates a much bigger footprint of positive engagement and trust. And once things are setup, it takes very little time and effort.

Website/Tier 1 Blog posts can be scheduled for automatic syndication across multiple social profile accounts, and social content can be displayed on your blog.