The Community Network provides useful and valuable tools you can use for your business development projects.

However, there are far too many options and features to explain them all in detail in one place; but with a little patience and perseverance we think you'll find the network to be an invaluable resource and worthy of your attention.

Everything is about balancing your Time, Effort, and Budget to reach goals. This translates into sharing resources and participating in crowd marketing cooperation to boost authority for other members.

Keep in mind that you can outsource tasks and projects.

The basic platform is based on Wordpress. If using Wordpress is not already familiar to you there are unlimited online resources from the millions of users, forums, blogs, and developers.

We advocate using Google tools and resources to not just get found by people and demonstrate authority, but also in the workflow of developing assets (especially for collaboration and organization). Take a look at the New Website Checklist for some notes and links about useful Google features.

The network attempts to connect social media as much as we can in order to get more leverage and multiply efforts across different channels. This has become much more complicated over the last year as more restrictions and obscure coding have been implemented; but it is worthwhile taking the time to connect with your brand and content marketing.

We rely heavily on information from the original developers of themes and plugins but sometimes detailed tutorials and hands-on support require a subscription direct from the developers. Help is available for paid support & task work through the Outsource Marketplace.

We're happy to answer many questions you might have. If you're having trouble finding answers please start by asking on the Forums so other members can benefit and maybe answer your question. As you reach the end of your rope please try submitting a support ticket, or contacting us by email or chat widget.

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Membership is free and allows access to variety of useful and valuable community network features. Join Now

We've tried to keep the basic membership registration as simple as possible with easy member approval on the Register page. Upon registration you can immediately access the site and you'll receive a confirmation email.

We strongly encourage you to spend some time on your profile information.

Please read the terms of use that you're agreeing to abide by. We take them seriously, you should too. Thanks.

You will find a login link at the top of most pages on the main site and various obvious links on network subsites.

The login is standard but includes Google Recaptcha which can be irritating if it senses anything hinky such as multiple login attempts in a short period of time from the same IP address. Internet explorer seems to trigger additional security also.

As a side note: we recommend using the Chrome browser and being logged into your Google account when doing activity related to your business and brand. It might seem inconsequential but Google tracks activity and these data points are aggregated and establish relevancy - which is good for both your operations and the community network.


When you login you will be redirected to your profile page so that you can keep your profile info and activity up-to-date. Spending time adding as much information as possible on your profile and keeping it updated is a good idea.

When you're logged in you'll see different navigation menu options and content. The Admin navigation tool bar will appear at the top of the page for members that have Author, Editor, or Admin role status on a subsite. 

We recommend going to the Social Bookmarks site (you might need to refresh that page to display properly), it will automatically upgrade you to 'author' status allowing you to add a bookmark post with freshly written description, and share that post. While there please BE SURE TO SHARE AND LIKE other posts.

Then upon returning to the mainsite you will now see the admin bar which makes navigation easier.

Hovering over your profile name will open a menu with useful links relating to your account and membership.


The admin bar makes it easy to navigate to other network subsites and access account information.





One of the ways people will find your public profile page is from the members directory

The Members Directory is searchable, and the member 'cards' have a number of features including quick links to activity and private messaging.

Members can opt-out of messaging - and spamming with unsolicited drivel is subject to getting accounts banned completely and permanently (please see previous notes about reading terms of use).

Yes, you can do some self-promotion using your membership and profile. No, you can't harass members with spam messages. If you have to ask 'what is considered spam' then don't message members. 

When you login you'll be redirected to your public profile page. 


Navigating to your profile edit page can be done a couple of ways.

From the profile page, on the right side next to your avatar image there is a small arrow; click that and a menu will drop down.

For members that have Author, Editor, or Admin role status on a site the adminbar on any page hovering over your user name will prompt a menu to drop down.



Once you're on the editing page a number of options become available.

We strongly recommend updating as much information on your profile as possible.

When uploading images please make sure to optimize them before using them. There are many online resources, check out Cloudinary which also is an image CDN and is free.

Your profile picture will work best at square 150x150 px.

Your cover image can be various sizes and will adjust for different sized devices. We use 1350x350 which seems to work well. You can try using your images from Facebook or Twitter to see how they look.

By default, until you upload your own images, we use images from Unsplash.com which is a great resource to use quality images for free.

Contact Info allows adding your address, public email, and your website URL.

The Social Network settings allows links to your social profiles or pages. Just add the URL you want.

Review Links allows you to enter the URL of your public reviews on Facebook, Tripadvisor, Yelp, and Google.  You should be using these addresses in links in various places so its handy to have them here for reference.

We encourage you to join groups of your peers and areas of interest.

Take a look at the Groups page.

Google crawls and indexes 'activity' pages. This makes the Community Network valuable in establishing your personal brand identity and authority as being related to the Tours, Travel, and Hospitality; and that you're active and involved.

Aggregated activities from all members can be seen on the Network Activity Stream page.

Activity such as publishing posts, forum participation, and commenting will show up in member profiles.


Websites and Tier 1 Blogs

Getting Started with Your Premium Website Subscription.

A basic free network membership is required in order to subscribe to hosting and register a website.

While we hope you are eager to get started with your new site, it is probably a good idea to get oriented on your options before getting too far along.

You should have received an email confirmation verifying your new site address.

By registering for a site an additional user role has been added to your account. You're now considered 'admin' for your website which allows you to select different themes and enable and disable plugins; and to add users (authors, editors, etc) whom we strongly encourage that they become network members before creating content so that you get the most brand authority benefits.

Simply login from any page of the main website and you'll see an adminbar at the top of the page. 

There is easy access to your website admin and site following dropdown links on adminbar.  or you can paste your URL in your browser which will take you to your login screen https://tourguidepress.com/yoursite/wp-login.php

The Website Registration process created a new 'subsite' for you using a default theme and plugins with a sampling of common settings and pages. 

You can 'edit' your site using the default options or switch to different page builders and themes, and enable plugins you'd like to use. Page builders have built-in pre-designed page templates to make developing things easier and faster.

There are also complete website templates based on different theme frameworks that we can clone for you. Changing to a clone will overwrite some site settings so you will want to do this early in the process.

If you subscribed to an Ecommerce site we need to turn on plugins for you manually and will work with you on what you need.

This process is relatively simple, however we're updating the instructions. Contact us if you have questions.

Member Submitted Content - Author Subscriptions

Member submitted Tourism, Travel and Hospitality related articles with extensive toolset to boost quality and performance. Schedule syndication to your social accounts, lots of features. Read More on TGP News

Tour Guide Press members can register for a paid subscription plan based on the number of articles you'd like to post each month. Monthly and Annual plans.

Directory Listings

Premium full-featured Tour, Travel, and Hospitality directory. Claim or add your listing to boost SEO and attract customers. More features than you might expect.

Directory listings include enhanced features that go way beyond what you'd expect from a typical citation directory.

To add or claim your Directory listing you need to be a member of the community network, and then pay a subscription fee.

Outsource Marketplace

Find and hire outsource contractors for tasks and projects.

Social Bookmarks

Members can submit Social Bookmarks with added images and curated summaries (aka editorial backlinks) for free. 

Members can submit social bookmarks to display info about interesting and relevant webpages and share these links on social media.

Add a summary explaining what problem or question the target content solves, and add an image. This creates an attractive short post that can be shared and liked. This "relevancy" also shows up in your member profile activity that gets crawled by search engines; and then your brand persona, links, and other content gain relevancy and authority by association.

Signup for a free community membership, then head over to Social Bookmarksand submit your complementary links (this great feature is a compelling reason by itself to join the network).

Job Board

Use the Community Job Board to list Tourism, Travel, and Hospitality job openings and to apply to these opportunities.

Events Calendar

Use the Community Events Calendar to list just about any 'happening' related to Tourism, Travel, and Hospitality. Even your webinars. Get more people seeing your event info, and connect this activity to your brand. 


Partners and Referral Rewards

The Community Network won't work very well without participation and referrals from members and partners. Third-party contractors are invited to use  network resources to boost their client digital marketing performance. They are also encouraged to offer services to members. Read about generous incentives on the Partners page.  This is the heart of Done-For-You and Do-it-for-Others

Affiliate referral rewards can be a significant source of income.

Don't Forget !

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