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Welcome to the Huntington Beach Collection

California is widely considered a region where the subject of ethical tourism and hospitality is critical. Articles discussing California are something we care about. There are lots of reasons why visitors are enthusiastic about Californian summer vacations.

going to the state of California

Going To the state of California

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a trip to California

Traveling To California

Welcome to the Huntington Beach Collection

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Huntington Beach, California was made for meetings. Our amazing beachfront, inviting climate and exceptional amenities make this the perfect place to get right down to business.

The HB Collection features four premier oceanfront resorts in the heart of downtown. Collaboratively, our resorts work with Visit Huntington Beach to offer you this exciting collection comprised of 1,400 guest rooms and 185,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space. You get all of this plus to top it all off we are offering a booking incentive.

Set amidst the picturesque Huntington Beach Harbour, the Huntington Bay Club offers understated sophistication and ambient Southern California comfort in classic nautical style. Owned and operated by 24 Carrots, this spectacular redesigned waterfront venue encompasses flexible indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for both intimate and extravagant gatherings. Spacious indoor ballrooms offer panoramic views of the harbor and segue gracefully to an expansive outdoor terrace, and a private white sand beach, framed by seaside gardens that add a whimsical flair to this unexpected haven of tranquility and beauty.

Pacific City is SoCal’s premier oceanfront shopping, dining and entertainment destination with numerous restaurants and outdoor spaces ideal for offsite events. Partial-to-full restaurant buyouts, ocean view terraces and concert venues highlight an array of options within walking distance from any resort in the HB Collection.

SeaLegs at the Beach is a surfside rendition of SegLegs Wine Bar, the award-winning wine bar and lounge. Supported by an experienced event team and offering dynamic catering options, SeaLegs welcomes groups for partial-to-full buyouts, giving attendees the ultimate “toes in the sand” experience.

Four premier oceanfront resorts in the heart of downtown Huntington Beach, only steps from world-class shopping, eateries, beaches, and the iconic Surf City USA pier. Collaboratively, our resorts work with Visit Huntington Beach to offer you this exciting collection comprised of 1,400 guest rooms and 185,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space, and a host of beachfront venues and light-filled event spaces.

No matter where you decide to host your event, our local meeting venues provide a full range of services to create an effortless experience for your attendees. The Visit Huntington Beach Sales Team is ready to help you find the right place for your next meeting. Contact us at 714-969-3492, [email protected] or Submit your RFP today.

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a visit to California, Eureka!

California Holiday

More Often Than Not the more explanatory posts does not come from extensive academic reports but intimate stories featuring people and small communities. Nonetheless, actually it is sometimes the prominent organizations offering the more entertaining and truthful anecdotes. Clearly there is also a role for hospitality and travel statistical data or policy analysis. Well written articles about visiting the state of California including Welcome to the Huntington Beach Collection support us to discover the broad potential of sustainable tourism and hospitality.

As mentioned in many different surveys for the most part consumers have a preference for sustainable tourism and would like to be responsible tourists. California is a destination where responsible travel and tourism is critical.

Just what constitutes the ideal California tour relies upon how you plan to dedicate the limited amount of time you’ve got. To assist you to develop a plan for the perfect California outing here’s a few recommendations about destinations, places to see, and things to do.

In the event that you haven’t already identified a certain California area picked out, these are frequent tour guide referrals for common locations Catalina Island, Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, Monterey and Carmel, San Diego, Santa Barbara, . Do not forget that California is a huge region and these choices are not necessarily near one another.

Highlights of the state’s iconic and best known points of interest and attractions.

Los Angeles

The city of angels is home to famous museums and galleries, amazing hotel accommodations, numerous experiences and beaches.

a visit to Los Angeles and California

The city of angels Travel

San Diego

On the border before entering Mexico, San Diego has excellent food, outdoor activities, and climate. San Diego has great California cuisine, this southernmost of California cities has some truly great restaurants, fantastic beaches, and envious weather and this is the city for a low key visit. Exercise caution you might want to relocate here.
Sea World: This popular aquatic theme park offers rides, animal exhibits, and shows.
San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park: Excellent reputations, suitable for all age groups.
Old Town San Diego: Charming district with shopping, spectacular Mexican food.

a visit to San Diego and California

San Diego Holiday