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In case you’ve never gone to a particular locale, such as parts of Alaska, it’s worthwhile taking some time to look over whatever you can find from narratives produced by community article authors. Alaska is known as a travel destination where the challenge of responsible tourism and hospitality counts. There are various explanations why travelers get excited about Alaskan road trips. What is the top location?

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Traveling To Alaska, the Last Frontier

Who is likely to provide the more trustworthy recommendations when it comes to going on vacation? It’s no secret finding localized news is far more interesting than exhaustive travel magazine representations. By my count there are not enough posts that feature complete content. This blog entry concerns issues to look at for people reviewing Alaskan tours and attractions.

Trailer Lights Troubleshooting | Fish Alaska Magazine

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boat trailer lightsTroubleshooting your boat trailer lights

Trailer lights giving you trouble? May is a wonderful time in Alaska. Spring chases winter up to the mountain peaks, rivers begin to rise as the long days melt the snow, and summer toys are pulled from their long hibernation. Getting gear ready is an exciting event. Each piece brings back memories from past adventures with anticipation of what will unfold this season. Old and broken items give way to retail therapy with the newest, latest and greatest gadget.

For those of us that require a trailer to move our toys to and fro, spring can mean a trip down the electrical rabbit hole. It seems that gremlins like to seek refuge in wiring during the winter and quite often during the summer between your last excursion and the one that you are about to leave on right now.

A groan and suppressed profanities usually follow the discovery of a missing break, turn signal, or running light. A little temper tantrum is acceptable as you know that your day has increased in complexity. Not all is lost, though; many problems are simple to fix and easy to diagnose especially with most of the answers right at your fingertips.

Follow this link for a great and easy breakdown of how to troubleshoot your trailer lights: Troubleshooting 4 and 5-Way Wiring Installations | Basically, this is all you really need; it even gives you a list of tools that will be required.

It can be frustrating when your wiring isn’t working, especially when you are not sure where to begin troubleshooting…Here are a few points that will help keep unwanted surprises to a minimum:

  • Always double check that your trailer lights are working as you park your trailer for the day/season.
  • When packing for an outing, hook up and check your trailer lights first. This will at least give you some extra time to plan ahead versus discovering you have no trailer lights once you are packed and ready to leave.
  • Follow the above link and assemble a tool kit with the recommended tools to eliminate unnecessary trips to an automotive store.

No matter how you look at it, dealing with trailer lights is a pain. But, if you take some time to familiarize yourself with wiring basics (follow the link), have the right tools (same link), and think about the bullet points above you will have less down time.


Nick Ohlrich is co-owner/guide of Alaska Drift Away Fishing. For more info check out their web site or call them at 907-529-8776.

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A Visit To Alaska

You probably agree that the more informative posts are not sweeping technical case studies but pragmatic experiences presenting individuals and small communities. But, surprisingly often it is the large institutions offering the more entertaining and informative accounts. Clearly there is also a place for tourism and hospitality statistics research or policy assessment. Articles about traveling to the State of Alaska such as Trailer Lights Troubleshooting | Fish Alaska Magazine help us to delve into the far reaching topics of sustainable tourism.

Alaska is a area in which sustainable tourism and hospitality is critically important.

Considered as ideal spots for travelers vacationing in Alaska includes

Denali National Park and Preserve. Initially developed to save wildlife, the vistas are nevertheless amazing. Denali features 160 miles of the Alaska Range and commanding this sky line is North America’s greatest peak; 20,320 foot Mount McKinley quite simply one of the most impressive sights in Alaska, if not the world. But it’s not only the mountain which makes Denali National Park a special place. The park is home to thirty seven species of mammals, including lynx, marmots and Dall sheep, to foxes and snowshoe hares, and one hundred thirty different bird species may be identified here, including the striking golden eagle. The majority of visitors, however, want to see 4 animals particularly: moose, caribou, wolf and everybody’s popular: the grizzly, bear. Denali, in contrast to most wilderness areas in the country, it’s not necessary to be a backpacker to see this wildlife, they can be seen right next to the famous Denali Park road. Not surprisingly then, visitors arrive here in droves; the park is a famous destination, attracting 432,000 visitors annually. Over the years the National Park Service (NPS) has evolved unique visitor-management strategies, including shutting its only road to most vehicles. For that reason Denali National Park is still the superb wilderness it was 20 years previously. The entry has evolved, however the park itself has not, and any brown bear meandering on the tundra ridge continue to provide the very same quiet thrill as when the park first opened up in 1917. Though generations of Athabascans had wandered through what’s presently the park, the first permanent settlement was organized in 1905, when a gold miners’ rush established the town of Kantishna. A year later, naturalist and hunter Charles Sheldon was taken aback by the beauty of the land and mortified at the careless abandon of the miners and big-game hunters. Sheldon returned in 1907 and explored the region with guide Harry Karstens in an effort to set up boundaries for a proposed national park. Sheldon was successful and the area was established as Mount McKinley National Park in 1917 with Karstens serving as the park’s very first superintendent. As a result of the 1980 Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, the park was enlarged to over 6 million acres and renamed Denali National Park and Preserve. Denali right now consists of an area slightly larger than the state of Massachusetts and is typically ranked as one of Alaska’s top destinations.

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Going To Denali National Park in Alaska