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The Red Arrows Preshow Check are Underway for the 2019 Great Pacific Airshow

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A Visit To California, Eureka!

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a vacation in California, Eureka!

Traveling To California

The Red Arrows Preshow Check are Underway for the 2019 Great Pacific Airshow

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The count down to the return of the annual Great Pacific Airshow has begun with a visit from the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force Red Arrows. One of the world’s premier aerobatic display teams, the Red Arrows have performed almost 5,000 times in 57 countries since 1965. The Pacific Airshow, Oct. 4 – 6, will mark the Red Arrow’s Southern California debu.

The team is currently perfecting and polishing their Huntington Beach display in Greece but Red Arrow’s advance team members were in town making preparations and their public relations manager, Andy Morton, was excited to share what’s in store for us.

Red Arrows in the Great Pacific Airshow

“I won’t give too much away but there are certainly one or two maneuvers that have a definitive acknowledgement to the US and will also celebrate the many aerospace anniversaries going on this year,” Andy said with a knowing smile. “There is also one maneuver, which is very British, but I think American audiences will absolutely love it.”

The display changes every single year and is choreographed by team leader, Red 1. Their highly anticipated program, which is about 25 minutes of continuous showmanship, is split into two parts. The first half has really big, graceful formation shapes with all nine BAE Systems Hawk fast-jets in the air. Then the formation will split into smaller teams for the second half. That’s when it really shifts up a gear and we will see some high dynamic speeds and maneuvers including opposition passes, synchronizations, and jets reaching g-forces up to 8 g.

Red Arrows at The Great Pacific Airshow

Their performance this October will mark the squad’s Southern California debut and the last time the team performed on the west coast was in 1993 in San Francisco. During this deployment the Red Arrows will also help to support a range of British interests and promote trade and cooperation, as part of the United Kingdom’s prosperity agenda.

“Obviously for us we were keen to cover both east and west coasts of the United States when planning out this years tour. But the Great Pacific Airshow is now one of the largest in the country, so it was an easy choice, and has been proven by the friendly welcome and reception that we’ve received even in these early planning stages,” Andy shared.

Red Arrows in The Great Pacific Airshow

Making the most of the special relationship between our two nations, this year’s event will be the pinnacle of our great partnership with the UK and one of the biggest tours in a generation for the Red Arrows. The pilots draw inspiration from the support and waves from the crowds watching below and can’t wait to perform and say hello to everyone in the air and on the ground.

This was team manager, Doug Smith’s first time in Huntington Beach and he explains, “Where I come from in the northern part of Scotland, we have fantastic beaches up there too but here the beaches go for as far as the eye can see. It’s really quite amazing.”

Last year, the Great Pacific Airshow, produced by Huntington Beach-based Code Four, attracted more than two million attendees, making it one of the largest air shows in the United States, and was named by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds the 2018 Civilian Show Site of the Year. We can’t wait to see the Red Arrows and the other many great performances that are sure to happen at this October 4-6, 2019.

Red Arrows in The Great Pacific Airshow

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California Tourism

One thing we’ve discovered is that the most instructive written content are not extensive esoteric case studies but emotional reviews highlighting individuals and small communities. However, actually often it is the big organizations offering the more interesting and instructive content. Without a doubt there is also a place for travel and tourism statistics reviews or policy analysis. Content about visiting California such as The Red Arrows Preshow Check are Underway for the 2019 Great Pacific Airshow support us to survey the far reaching ideas of sustainable tourism.

Whether it is a result of marketing programs or common trends generally travelers favor sustainable tourism and want to be responsible vacationers. California is a destination in which responsible hospitality and travel is essential.

What makes up the optimal California excursion relies upon the way you plan to devote those valuable vacation days. To assist you to develop a plan for the best California outing here are several referrals about sights, interesting attractions, and things to do.

Los Angeles

From the mountains to the sea, Los Angeles is Southern California’s hub amusement.
Disneyland: The original House of Mouse is a must-do if you are traveling with kids. Technically this is in Orange County, but its all one big city anyway.
Hollywood: Take a stroll along Hollywood Boulevard, see the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame sidewalk and the footprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.
Universal Studios: Get a glimpse at how real films are made, go on the rides, and catch live shows at the theme park.
Situated in Southern California, Los Angeles is an enormous megalopolis and the center of the film and tv industry.

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The city of angels Trip

San Diego

San Diego has great California cuisine, this southernmost of California cities has some truly great restaurants, fantastic beaches, and envious weather and this is the city for a low key visit. Exercise caution you might want to relocate here.
Sea World: This popular aquatic theme park offers rides, animal exhibits, and shows.
San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park: Excellent reputations, fun for all age groups.
Old Town San Diego: Charming district with shops, fantastic Mexican food.

a trip to San Diego and California

San Diego journey