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For anyone traveling to a destination you have not experienced before it’s worth reading some credible expert tips. The state of Alaska is unquestionably a travel destination where the issue of ethical tourism and hospitality counts. Opinions discussing Alaska, America’s icebox should get read. There are various reasons why visitors are interested in Alaskan vacation trips.

going to Alaska

Traveling To the State of Alaska

At times finding localized headlines is a lot more practical than illustrated brochure narratives. Consistent with trending gurus nearly everybody will consider this worth taking a look at as it refers to information customers are generally curious about. One thing that stands out are stories that contain all the problems people have. This editorial talks about options to keep in mind whenever researching Alaskan places to see.

The Pebble Mine – Alaska Public Media

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Photo by Jason Sear, KDLG - Dillingham
Photo by Jason Sear, KDLG – Dillingham

A comment period for the Pebble Mine project ends July 1st. Supporters of the mine say it would bring good jobs to the Bristol Bay region but opponents worry about potential long term effects to the world’s largest wild salmon fishery. We’ll discuss the pebble proposal and take your questions on the next Talk of Alaska.

HOST: Lori Townsend

  • Tom Collier, CEO, Pebble Limited Partnership
  • Rick Halford, former Alaska State Senator and Pebble opponent


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A Visit To Alaska

Frequently the more explanatory articles are not all encompassing abstract research projects but intimate reviews presenting individuals and small communities. However, unexpectedly it is sometimes the large institutions that provide the more entertaining and instructive narratives. Without a doubt there is also a place for travel and tourism statistics reports or policy analysis. Posts about traveling to Alaska, the Last Frontier such as The Pebble Mine – Alaska Public Media help us to have a look around the broad potential of sustainable travel.

Whether it is a product of evolved insights or societal general trends essentially people opt for sustainable tourism and would like to be considered as responsible tourists. Alaska is a travel destination where sustainable tourism and hospitality is crucial.

Without much doubt one of the strongly recommended sites for people seeing Alaska includes

Gates of the Arctic National Park. It includes over 8 million acres of remote wilderness found above the Arctic Circle. There are absolutely no roads or even trails into the park. Air taxi service can be obtained from the communities of Bettles, Coldfoot and Kotzebue. The park can also be accessible by foot from the Dalton Highway. This glorious park features unblemished wilderness, glacier valleys, rugged mountains and miles of arctic tundra. To see the natural treasures the park has to offer visitors should be ready for backpacking, and backcountry outdoor camping. Visitors need to be self-sufficient and seasoned, as there are no services or even established hiking trails available. Adventurous travelers will value the solitude and the discovery of true wilderness found in the Gates of the Arctic National Park.