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Surge In US Coronavirus Cases Negatively Impacting Jamaica’s Tourism | RJR News

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The surge in coronavirus cases in the United States has started to take a toll on tourist arrivals to Jamaica just weeks after the reopening of the country’s borders.

Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett made the disclosure Friday during a virtual media briefing.

The US has experienced record-breaking coronavirus cases and deaths in recent weeks.

Mr. Bartlett did not elaborate on the extent of the impact on US arrivals. 

“There’s really no way to say it, except that coronavirus has impacted arrivals, full stop. And the whole world, in fact tourism came to a halt as a result. So what we all are trying to do now is to restore the tourism economy and to bring back tourists in a very controlled and safe way,” he insisted. 


Mr. Bartlett revealed that Jamaica received more than 35,000 visitors since the phased reopening of the tourism sector on June 15. The figure was made of tourists as well as returning Jamaicans. 


He expects an additional 30,000 visitors to arrive in the country by the end of this month.


Record US coronavirus cases 


According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the United States reported a daily record of 63,247 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday.


It is the second time this week the U.S. topped its record for new infections reported in a 24-hour period as outbreaks expand across a number of states, mostly across the American South and West. 


California, Florida and Texas reported more than 30,400 new cases collectively on Tuesday, accounting for nearly half all new cases in the U.S.


The U.S. has reported about 53,699 new cases on average over the last seven days, a record high seven-day average, up nearly 17.6% compared with a week ago. 


According to a CNBC analysis, the U.S. seven-day average has hit a new record every day for more than two weeks. 


White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned that the U.S. is not in total control of the coronavirus pandemic and daily new cases could surpass 100,000 new infections per day if the outbreak continues at its current pace. 


Dr. Fauci has urged officials in states where the outbreak is worsening to reconsider their reopening plans. 


Instead of totally shutting down or totally reopening, he told lawmakers Thursday, states should constantly update their restrictions, tailoring them to what is currently known about the virus. 


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More Often Than Not the more enlightening posts are not extensive academic studies but anecdotal viewpoints presenting people and small communities. Then again, paradoxically often it is the big organizations that provide the more interesting and entertaining stories. As expected there is also a place for tourism statistical research or policy assessment. Articles about a trip to California including Surge In US Coronavirus Cases Negatively Impacting Jamaica’s Tourism | RJR News assist us to take a look at the far reaching ideas of sustainable tourism and hospitality.

According to different reports as a whole travelers opt for sustainable tourism and would like to be responsible vacationers. California is a region in which sustainable travel and tourism is mandatory.

If you and your group are into exploring wildlife, traveling with the family, choosing an intimate escape, seeking adventure, seeking foodie paradise, or love culture, the state of California offers boundless choices. Our excellent places to go for travelers touring California has to include at least one of the following ideas about points of interest, attractions, and things you can do.

Just in case you don’t have a specific California region picked out, these are common travel specialist recommendations for top attractions Big Sur, Hollywood, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, San Diego, . Remember California is an enormous place and these options are not actually nearby.

Best parts of Californian famous and most popular landmarks and places to see.

Los Angeles

From the mountains to the sea, Los Angeles is Southern California’s center for enjoyment.
Disneyland: The original House of Mouse is a must-do if you are traveling with kids. Technically this is in Orange County, but its all one big city anyway.
Hollywood: Take a stroll along Hollywood Boulevard, see the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame sidewalk and the footprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.
Universal Studios: Get a glimpse at how real films are made, go on the rides, and catch live shows at the theme park.
Found in Southern California, The city of angels is a huge megalopolis and the heart of the movie and tv industry.

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San Diego

The southernmost city closest to Mexico, San Diego has awesome food, outdoor activities, and climate. San Diego has great California cuisine, this southernmost of California cities has some truly great restaurants, fantastic beaches, and envious weather and this is the city for relaxing in. Be careful you might want to move here.
Sea World: This popular aquatic theme park offers rides, animal exhibits, and shows.
San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park: Excellent reputations, fun for all age groups.
Old Town San Diego: Charming district with shops, dazzling Mexican food.

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