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Who is going to provide the most dependable pointers regarding taking a vacation? On occasion obtaining hometown headlines is far more valuable than illustrated sales brochure descriptions. Articles from local area writers generally offer great information for absolutely everyone truly interested in attraction info. The thing that seems to get noticed are posts that cover all the questions readers have. This list concerns topics to remember if assessing Alaskan day trips.

Murkowski, whose Alaska supporters run the spectrum, has angered the left

was written by Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media , 2020-02-01 17:57:57

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Murkowski waved signs at rush hour in Anchorage during her 2016 re-election campaign. (Liz Ruskin/Alaska Public Media

Jennifer Meyer, an Anchorage mom and professor, says she won’t forgive Sen. Lisa Murkowski for voting against witnesses Friday in the impeachment trial of President Trump.

“I’m a disappointed recovering supporter of Lisa Murkowski,” proclaims Meyer, a Democrat who says she voted for Murkowski several times. “I won’t make the same mistake.”

As a moderate, Murkowski has enjoyed support from Alaska’s right and left. But that also means, on high-profile votes as partisan as this one, she’s sure to disappoint a lot of her base no matter how she votes. That’s how it goes when you’re a moderate in a polarized era. And this time, it’s the left’s turn to be angry.

Meyer used to admire Murkowski for her support for rural health care and education. But she says she doesn’t like the direction Murkowski has gone since Trump became president.

“In the last three years, there’s nothing I can (point to and) say, ‘Well, I’m proud she’s my senator,” Meyer said. “I can’t say that anymore. And that’s disappointing.”

Meyer doesn’t accept Murkowski’s explanation that the impeachment process is too partisan to be repaired in the Senate with the admission of new evidence.

“It seems to me if you were trying to get to the facts and make the process less partisan, you would want to see witnesses and documents,” Meyer said. “So I’m not quite sure why she wants to make the process less fair by having less facts.”

Robin Phillips, on the other hand, says she’s ready for the country to put impeachment in the rearview mirror. 

“We have already brought this so far and so long,” said Phillips, president of the Midnight Sun Republican Women. “It’s the only thing that news is talking about and there’s so much other, more important things in the world that we need to focus on.”

Phillips said she was rooting for Murkowski to reject the call for witnesses, though she respects the senator’s process.

“Lisa tends to really think about things. She puts a lot of time and knowledge behind her decisions,” Phillips said.

The impeachment trial resumes Monday and is likely to end Wednesday.

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visiting the state of Alaska

Going To Alaska, the Last Frontier

We’ve noticed that the more useful writing does not come from extensive abstract case studies but anecdotal stories highlighting people and small communities. Nonetheless, unexpectedly frequently it’s the largest organizations that provide the fresh and insightful narratives. Obviously there is also a place for tourism statistical research or policy analysis. Well written articles about a visit to Alaska like Murkowski, whose Alaska supporters run the spectrum, has angered the left support us to uncover the broad ideas of sustainable travel and tourism.

Alaska is a area where responsible tourism is critically important.

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Glacier Bay National Park. Glacier Bay is found in southeast Alaska, around sixty air miles west of the state capital of Juneau. The closest town is Gustavus, Alaska located 11 miles away. Glacier Bay National Park at present encompasses more than 3 million acres, and is often described as one of the Crown Jewels of the National Park system. The Park offers snow-capped mountain ranges soaring to over 15,000 feet, coastal beaches with shielded coves, deep fjords, tidewater glaciers, coastal and estuarine waters, and freshwater lakes. Along with magnificent scenery, there are abundant wildlife viewing possibilities along with a wide range of seabirds, marine and land mammals. Many visitors experience Glacier Bay National Park while on big cruiseships that visit the Park for the day, though others remain within the Park at the Glacier Bay Lodge. While there are no roads to Glacier Bay National Park, you will find convenient air connections to Gustavus from Juneau, Skagway and Haines. Ferry service is also available from Juneau. Through Gustavus it is about 10 miles by road to Glacier Bay Lodge & Tours situated from Bartlett cove and hosts visitor center and departure point for day boat trips to Glacier Bay National Park. Lodging inside Glacier Bay National Park are at the Glacier Bay Lodge. The lodge features 56 rooms with dining, activities desk, gift shop, and the Park visitor center is found upstairs. Just about all rooms possess private bath and/or shower and can accommodate up to four guests. Glacier Bay Lodge is open mid-May to mid-September each year.

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Going To Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska, America’s icebox