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a visit to Alaska, the 49th State

A Visit To Alaska

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Murkowski praises DACA decision and revisits her controversial vote on impeachment witnesses

was written by Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media , 2020-06-19 00:44:26

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Sen. Lisa Murkowski speaks to reporters at the Capitol in 2016. (Liz Ruskin/Alaska Public Media)

Sen. Lisa Murkowski cheered the Supreme Court opinion that continues protection for undocumented people brought to the U.S. as children. 

“I thought it was a good day,” she told reporters on Capitol Hill

Now, she said, it’s up to Congress to pass a bill granting more durable legal status.

“I’ve been one of those that has said, we have to address this legislatively. I think we need to do it. So it’s just a question of when we’re going to get started,” she said.

Some of her more conservative colleagues are blasting Chief Justice John Roberts for writing the opinion. They’re also attacking him and Justice Neil Gorsuch for a ruling Monday that says employers can’t fire a worker for being gay or transgender. Murkowski said people shouldn’t view the court through a political lens.

“I don’t think we should look at the outcome of every case that comes out of the Supreme Court and try to dissect the politics of the respective justices,” she said. “I said at the time of the impeachment, that one of the sorry outcomes of what we had seen there was the pressure from certain members of Congress to try to inject a level of politics into the judicial branch, into the Supreme Court.”

Preserving the neutrality of Chief Justice Roberts was the reason Murkowski gave in January for her vote against calling witnesses to the impeachment trial. Roberts presided over that trial. Democrats wanted to call former National Security Advisor John Bolton. And this week Bolton revealed he might have been a decisive witness: In a new book, he alleges Trump leaned on China for help with his re-election.

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Murkowski said she doesn’t regret voting against witnesses.

“I made the decision that I made at the time that I made it,” she said. “And, you know, there’s no going back.”

Sen. Dan Sullivan was not available for an interview about the DACA decision. His spokesman said he was traveling. Congressman Don Young did not respond to an interview request emailed to his office.

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a trip to Alaska, the Last Frontier

A Trip To Alaska

Often the most useful written content are not sweeping abstract research studies but pragmatic reviews showing individuals and small communities. However, paradoxically it is sometimes the largest institutions offering the fresh and helpful content. Needless to say there is also a place for tourism statistics statements or policy assessment. Well written articles about visiting Alaska, the Last Frontier like Murkowski praises DACA decision and revisits her controversial vote on impeachment witnesses support us to study the far reaching topics of sustainable travel and tourism.

Whether it stems from fresh perspectives or social tendency by-and-large consumers want sustainable tourism and wish to be responsible visitors. Alaska is a travel destination in which sustainable hospitality and travel is critically important.

Often considered as strongly suggested attractions for folks visiting Alaska is

Chugach National Forest. Only one third as big as Tongass National Forest, in Southeast Alaska, Chugach is nevertheless the second-largest national forest in the country and a remarkable combination of forests, rivers, lakes, mountains and glaciers. Roughly the size of New Hampshire, Chugach includes geographic diversity that’s truly unique amongst national forests. The 5,940,000-acre forest is spread throughout three different landscapes, extending from the Kenai Peninsula east across Prince William Sound to include the Gulf Coast surrounding the Copper River Delta, then east from there as far as the Bering Glacier. Wildlife is undoubtedly abundant particularly for anyone who take the time to hike from the roads and highways. Black and brown bear occupy virtually all of the forest, foraging on open tundra slopes and in intertidal zones. At the end of summer, bears might be spotted feeding upon spawned-out salmon along streams and rivers. Record setting moose occupy the Kenai Peninsula and the Copper River Delta. Dall sheep can be seen on Kenai Peninsula mountainsides, mountain goats are found upon steep hillsides along Prince William Sound, the Copper River Delta and occasionally above Portage Valley. Boaters and kayakers on Prince William Sound may see Dall porpoises, harbor seals, sea otters, sea lions, Orcas and humpback whales. In excess of 214 species of resident and migratory birds inhabit Chugach National Forest. Seabirds, which include blacklegged kittiwakes, nest in sea cliff colonies by the thousands. Ptarmigan scurry about alpine tundra, bald eagles perch on coastline snags and Steller’s jays forage in the underbrush. The Copper River Delta safeguards one of the largest known concentrations of nesting trumpeter swans within North America in addition to the total population of dusky Canada geese. Nesting waterfowl are joined in springtime and fall by many of migrating shorebirds. Chugach offers a variety of sportfishing options; anglers may cast for rainbow, lake and cutthroat trout as well as Dolly Varden, Arctic grayling and all 5 species of Pacific salmon. Many of the fisheries are easy to get to; roadside lakes and rivers are plentiful providing anglers a chance to fish without needing a boat. Chugach’s most famous fishery is the red salmon run of the Russian River where anglers are often standing elbow-to-elbow alongside the river bank during July and July. Chugach is one of the handful of places remaining in the world where glaciers pour out of the mountains and into the seas. When combined with the Bagley Icefield from which it originates, Bering Glacier is actually bigger than Switzerland. Columbia Glacier is one of the largest tidewater glaciers in the world while Portage Glacier and it’s Begich-Boggs Visitor Center is actually one of the more popular places to visit for vacationers within Alaska.

a visit to Chugach National Forest in Alaska

Traveling To Chugach National Forest in Alaska, the 49th State