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MRAK Almanac: May Day! May Day!

Local authors are often a splendid purveyor of information. Blog posts about Alaska, the 49th State are something we care about. It’s no surprise that travelers are focused on Alaskan vacation trips. Quite often obtaining local area press is more helpful than in depth magazine narratives. Threads from regional experts can provide great insight for visitors keen on place detailed info. Another informative point of view appeared and therefore the staff realized readers of this blog will want to see it. One thing that stands out are unique stories that include all the solutions people are looking for. This editorial is focused on topics to think about for travelers reviewing Alaskan tourist attractions.

Suzanne Downing , 2019-05-01 04:16:32

May 1, 1919: 100 years ago today Cleveland, Ohio witnessed violent demonstrations organized by Socialist leader Charles Ruthenberg, with unionists, socialists, communists, and anarchists to protest against the conviction of Eugene Debs. Brought to you by … Socialists.

May 1, 1919: Anarchists mailed bombs to dozens of prominent leaders across the country, including Ole Hanson, the mayor of Seattle.

May 1, 1999: The Alaska Native Heritage Center opened its doors to the public. It’s the 20th anniversary today.

 * * * *

May 1: If you’re in Seattle today, the 20th Annual May Day March for the Rights of Immigrants and Workers happens in the early afternoon, and then there’s an anarchist rioting event that may overlap it, worth noting and avoiding. Violence could be quite random.

May 2-4: Anchorage is hosting the annual Rotary convention at the Captain Cook Hotel. There will be literally hundreds of do-gooder Rotarians swarming the downtown area, so this is a very good weekend to venture downtown, as in safer than usual.

May 3: Alaska Family Council Spring Banquet, with speaker Jill Stanek, of the Susan B. Anthony List. Cornerstone Church, 10431 Brayton Drive, Anchorage, 7-9 pm. Details

May 4: Alaska Family Council Spring Banquet in Wasilla, with speaker Jill Stanek, of the Susan B. Anthony List. MatSu Resort,1850 E Bogard Rd, Wasilla. Maybe even a guest appearance by the governor. 5 pm. Details

May 4: Kentucky Derby Party at Simon & Seaforts, 420 L Street, Anchorage. 11:10 am. Details.

May 4: Editor’s choice: Alaska Barefoot Mile wine-and-cheese tasting fundraiser at the Megan Room, at Davis Constructors. All proceeds from the event support Human Trafficking organizations Joy International and Priceless, which use the funding to end human trafficking and assist survivors of human trafficking. 6-9 pm. Details.

May 11: The 2019 Alaska Barefoot Mile Walk, to bring awareness to human trafficking around the world. Second annual event in Alaska. Meets at Town Square in Anchorage. Davis Constructors is the event sponsor, 1-4 pm. Details.

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