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Recall moves to the fore the second day of the AFN convention in Fairbanks

Local area authors tend to be a very good resource. The state of Alaska is widely considered an area where the issue of sustainable...

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Kensington Mine eyes federal permit for expansion

Local area writers are usually a useful learning resource. Alaska comes to mind as a destination where the challenge of ethical tourism and hospitality...

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US House votes to block drilling in Arctic Refuge; bill unlikely to become law

For travelers that have never gone to a holiday destination, such as parts of Alaska, you'll be happy you invested the time and effort...

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Why being a Sustainable Traveler matters in 2019?

Nowadays it's essentially increasingly apparent that all travel and leisure activities of regardless of what motivation – holiday breaks, company trips, meetings, adventure travel...

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GSTC Member St. Kitts’ Sustainable Destination Council (SDC) Wins WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Destination Stewardship Award 2019

By now it's practically accepted that all tourism activities of regardless of what motivation – vacations, business trips, business conferences, adventure tours and ecotourism...

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What value should we place on cultural heritage sites? « Ethical Travel Guide

Learning about the potential unfavorable influences of tourism on areas has prompted customers to seek out more responsible vacations. Sustainable tourism is now so...

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