If you’ve not yet gone to a desired holiday destination, such as parts of Alaska, it pays dividends to read through some content written by localized article writers. Alaska is considered a travel destination where the situation of sustainable hospitality and travel is critically important. Stories looking at Alaska get passed to the editorial team for review. Because of the popularity as being an appealing choice, tourists are thinking about Alaskan tours. Exactly what is the top vacation location?

a trip to Alaska

Visiting Alaska, the 49th State

Which resource is likely to present you with the best tips and advice when it comes to taking a vacation? It’s no secret obtaining hometown info is far more valuable than exhaustive pamphlet narratives. Per leading experts every body should keep reading given that it is about matters most people are generally interested in. One thing that stands out are reports that cover complete content. This blurb concerns points to take into consideration for travelers planning traveling to Alaska, the 49th State.

How can we get more Alaskans teaching in their home communities?

was written by Zakiya McCummings, Alaska Public Media , 2020-01-24 01:29:30

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Marjorie Tahbone teaching an Inupiaq class at the Nome high school in 2014. (KNOM)

A recent report examining six years of educator retention rates in Alaska found chronic high rates of turnover in rural communities. Teacher and principal continuity directly affects student outcomes. The highest rates of loss are with teachers who are trained outside of Alaska, so how are educators and lawmakers working to get more Alaskans trained to teach in their home communities? We’ll discuss it on the next Talk of Alaska.

HOST: Lori Townsend

  • Tim Parker, President, NEA-Alaska
  • Hella Bel Hadj Amor, Ph.D., Leader – Applied Research and Technical Support, Education Northwest


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traveling to the state of Alaska

A Trip To Alaska

In many cases the most valuable posts are not sweeping abstract research projects but personal viewpoints highlighting people and small communities. But, paradoxically often it is the largest institutions offering the more interesting and instructive accounts. Naturally there is also a place for tourism and hospitality statistical reviews or policy analysis. Well written articles about visiting Alaska such as How can we get more Alaskans teaching in their home communities? help us to explore the far reaching topics of sustainable tourism and hospitality.

Whether or not it stems from new found awareness or public sensibilities in general most people opt for sustainable tourism and wish to be responsible visitors. Alaska is a area in which responsible travel is critically important.

Our ideal trips for every body seeing Alaska includes

Gates of the Arctic National Park. It includes over 8 million acres of remote wilderness situated above the Arctic Circle. There are no roads or even hiking trails into the park. Air taxi service can be obtained from the towns of Bettles, Coldfoot and Kotzebue. The park can also be reachable by foot from the Dalton Highway. This fantastic national park gives unblemished wilderness, glacier valleys, rugged mountains and miles of arctic tundra. To see the wonders the park has to offer visitors should be ready for backpacking, and back country outdoor camping. Visitors have to be self-sufficient and knowledgeable, as there are no services or even established hiking trails available. Daring travelers may appreciate the solitude and the discovery of true wilderness offered in the Gates of the Arctic National Park.