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Hilo Crime Report: August 2019

was written by Debra Lordan, 2019-09-25 17:08:03

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The Hawai‘i Police Department’s Hilo Community Policing section responded to 12 vehicle thefts, 13 burglaries, 11 vehicle break-ins, three robberies and 27 thefts  in August 2019.

No assaults were reported in August.

No trends were observed in any of the following categories.

12 Auto Thefts

08-03-19: S. Wiliwili St. Gold 2000 Toyota Sienna.
08-05-19: Komohana/Saddle. Gray 2000 Toyota P/Up.
08-10-19: 200 block Ululani St. Gray Toyota Corolla.
08-12-19: 400 block Hualalai St. White 2010 Mazda 3.
08-17-19: 200 block Silva St. Brown 2000 Nissan P/Up.
08-20-19: 1000 block Ululani St. White HCEOC van.
08-20-19: Arruda Ln. Blue 1993 Toyota P/Up.
08-23-19: Lalakea Bch. Red 2018 Chevy Cruz.
08-24-19: Ululani St. Silver 2003 Toyota Tacoma.
08-25-19: 20 block Waianuenue Ave. Maroon 2006 Toyota Tundra.
08-26-19: 100 block Puueo St. Blue 2007 VW Passat.
08-31-19: 2000 block Kalanianaole St. Silver 2017 Ni-san Rouge.

13 Burglaries

08-03-19: 400 block Kalanikoa St. Misc items.
08-03-19: 60 block Hema St. Unknown.
08-04-19: 20 block Haihai St. Cash/phone charger.
08-04-19: 50 block Kawailani St. Guitar.
08-05-19: 50 block Wainuenue Ave. Food items.
08-08-19: 2300 block Kino‘ole St. Jewelry, coins.
08-14-19: 100 block Lukia Pl. iWatch, misc. items.
08-15-19: 20 block Haihai St. Attempted break-in.
08-18-19: 400 block Hinano St. Firearms/magazines.
08-25-19: 20 block Wainuenue Ave. Car keys.
08/18–08/2019: 500 block Laukapu St. Jewelry.
08-30-19: 100 block Ainaola Dr. Weedeater.
08-31-19: 1000 block Hwy 19: Misc items.

11 Vehicle Break-Ins

08-03-19: 50 block Maka‘ala St. Misc items.
08-03-19: 100 block Kapiolani St. Misc items.
08-04-19: 300 block Kukuau St. Wallet/bag.
08-05-19: 200 block Kukuau St. 2 backpacks.
08-06-19: Akolea Rd. Camera Equipment.
08-06-19: 200 block Kapiolani St. Misc items.
08-14-19: 100 block Lukia Pl. Purse/bag.
08-22-19: 800 block Mohouli St. Misc items. Suspect located and Arrested and Charged.
08-27-19: 100 block Hualalai St. Wallet.
08-27-19: 100 block E. Puainako St. Attempt to steal car.
08-28-19: 700 block Kamehameha Ave. iPad.

3 Robberies

08-10-19: 100 block Kinoole St. Blue 2018 Honda CP500F motorcycle.
08-10-19: 600 block W. Lanikaula St. Money. Suspect identified.
08-26-19: 200 block Kinoole St. Wallet.

27 Thefts

08-03-19: 2000 block Kino‘ole St. Mail.
08-04-19: 300 block Kukuau St. Bicycle.
08-06-19: 300 block Makalika St. Gas from vehicles.
08-07-19: 400 block Hinano St. Clothing.
08-08-19: 500 block Hinano St. Clothing. Suspect identified.
08-08-19: Akekeke St. Misc tools.
08-09-19: 200 block Kinoole St. Bag.
08-10-19: Wainuenue/Kam Ave. Rubber mats.
08-10-19: 500 block Hinano St. Clothing. Suspect identified.
08-11-19: Wainuenue/Kam Ave. Garden hose.
08-12-19: 100 block Kapaa St. Pineapples.
08-12-19: 300 block Noelani Lp. Palm tree.
08-13-19: 600 block Papaikou Rd. Black trailer.
08-14-19: 800 block Kinoole St. Purse. Suspect located and Arrested and Charged.
08-14-19: 100 block Kamehameha Ave. Bicycle. Suspect located and Arrested and Charged.
08-18-19: Mamaki St. Concession stand/banner.
08-19-19: 700 block Hualani St. Recyclables.
08-19-19: 200 block W. Kawili St. Catalytic converter.
08-20-19: Coconut Island. Cellphone.
08-20-19: 500 block Kalanikoa St. 2 bicycles.
08-22-19: 1100 block Awiki Pl. Palm tree.
08-23-19: 100 block E. Puainako St. Front license plate from vehicle.
08-27-19: 400 block Hualani St. Both license plates from vehicle.
08-28-19: Pau O Palae St. Beetlenut branches and nuts.
08-28-19: 200 block Kilauea Ave. Business sign.
08-29-19: 100 block Banyan Dr. Items from vending machine.
08-30-19: 1000 block Kilauea Ave. Purse.

Original Source for Hilo Crime Report: August 2019

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