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Food waste in tourism is a bigger issue than previously thought

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There are major gaps in how food waste in tourism is understood and calculated, according to researchers at the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Southern California. Food waste originating from hotels, restaurants and events is recognised and can be estimated and calculated, but as the tourism industry is becoming more and more diverse, so are the sources of its food waste.

According to the researchers, a focus on preventing food waste only in the traditional food service and accommodation establishments ignores the reality of growing tourist households and will stifle sustainability efforts.

Food waste is a major issue globally, and it has also been identified as the most prominent type of hospitality waste. Annually, roughly 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or goes to waste, which is equivalent to one third or even up to one half of all food intended for human consumption. Food waste is a major environmental, social and economic issue.

Indeed, the tourism industry is facing ever-growing economical, societal and legislative reasons to address food waste. Today’s tourism is not limited to package travel and hotel stays, thanks to the emergence of alternatives such as camping, couch surfing, AirBnB, staying at friends’ and relatives’ homes or traveling across the country in a recreational vehicle, for example. Food waste is created in all these tourist households, but very little research into the topic has been carried out so far. Yet, there is a need to mitigate food waste from these sources as well.

“We can already see that there are savvy players in the tourism industry who have succeeded in reducing their food waste and have even managed to turn that into an asset. Yet, it is not enough for only the traditional food service and accommodation establishments to reduce their food waste, we need to get all tourist households on board. As the tourism sector changes, research into food waste and sustainability becomes ever more important,” Research Manager Juho Pesonen from the University of Eastern Finland says.

According to the researchers, comprehensive reduction of food waste requires that its sources and amounts are identified and that its disposal by tourist households is addressed. In addition, there is a need to study the drivers of tourist household food waste and barriers to its reduction.

“We need models that describe how food waste is created in tourist households, and how that possibly changes over time. Moreover, we need to identify platforms and intersections where food waste can be addressed, for example through social media. In the end, it all boils down to sustainable tourism and the circular economy,” Pesonen notes.

Money motivates in reducing food waste, study finds

More information:
Ulrike Gretzel et al. Food waste in tourist households: a perspective article, Tourism Review (2019). DOI: 10.1108/TR-05-2019-0170

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Oftentimes the most useful information does not come from all encompassing scholastic research but anecdotal experiences highlighting people and small communities. Then again, actually often it is the largest institutions offering the fresh and informational stories. Obviously there is also a role for travel statistical research or policy assessment. Expert articles about going to California such as Food waste in tourism is a bigger issue than previously thought help us to explore the far reaching ideas of sustainable hospitality and travel.

Regardless if it comes from influencers or societal patterns in general the public have a preference for sustainable tourism and would like to be responsible visitors. California is a area in which sustainable hospitality and travel is mandatory.

Irrespective of whether you are really fans of discovering the great outdoors, vacationing with the family, opting for an intimate getaway, searching for adventure, in search of foodie paradise, or love heritage, the state of California presents boundless possibilities. My best places to see for anyone visiting California is not complete without the following opinions about destinations, interesting attractions, and things to do.

Best parts of the state’s legendary and premiere points of interest and holiday attractions.

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Los Angeles features renowned museums, special hotel accommodations, numerous activities and miles of coastline.

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San Diego

San Diego has great California cuisine, this southernmost of California cities has some truly great restaurants, fantastic beaches, and envious weather and this is the city for a low key visit. Exercise caution you might want to relocate here.
Sea World: This popular aquatic theme park offers rides, animal exhibits, and shows.
San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park: Excellent reputations, fun for all age groups.
Old Town San Diego: Quaint district with shopping, spectacular Mexican food.

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