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A Trip To the Hawaiian Islands

Council Candidate Texeira Gets DUI, Court Records Sealed > Hawaii Free Press

was written by Andrew Walden, 2020-08-02 06:52:00

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by Andrew Walden

Honolulu Council District III candidate Alan Texeira was convicted of DUI March 10, 2020.

Texeira, a staffer for outgoing CDIII Council Chair Ikaika Anderson, and a favorite of union-backed political action committees, did not respond to a request for comment from Hawai’i Free Press.  A search for ‘Alan Texeira DUI’ reveals no news articles and only one on-line news site discussion post.  The case documents were sealed June 8, 2020, by order of Judge William M Domingo. 

HPD Officer Jared Spiker stopped Texeira for DUI on May 25, 2018.  (Spiker is the same officer who pulled over alleged mobster Michael Miske in 2015.)

Texeira’s court dates string out for the next two years – a common ruse by lawyers angling for a Rule 48 ‘speedy trial’ dismissal.   

Texeira announces his campaign on November 26, 2019 – in between court hearings November 7 and December 13, 2019, both of which resulted in delays. 

On February 5, 2020 Texeira’s lawyer moved for a Rule 48 dismissal.  The very next day, Texeira pulled papers to run for Council District III. 

But the judge rejected the Rule 48 gambit and ordered trial on March 10, 2020.  After nearly two years of lawyering, Texeira was quickly found guilty of DUI, ordered into 14 days of substance abuse classes, and fined $462–with the warning that the debt would be referred to a collection agency if not paid within 90 days. 

Eight days later, Texeira’s boss Ikaika Anderson, slipped the $500M ‘Corona Towers’ development deal through Council under cover of Governor Ige’s COVID Emergency Order.

Court record indicate Texeira forked over $462 in fines on May 27, 2020.  Two days later he filed papers to run for council.

Texeira’s campaign website intones: “Throughout the last 12 years, I have lived and breathed my role as a public servant, fully devoted in enacting policy that benefits our Windward residents first.”

But court records show Texeira, otherwise known as defendant #362371, has been in and out of court 32 times on traffic charges going back to 1997.

Other candidates in the CD III race include:

  • Grant Kalima
  • Warland Kealoha
  • Esther Kiaaina
  • Paul Mossman
  • Greg Thielen

The all-mail Election Day is Saturday, August 10. 


PDF: Texeira Criminal Transcript

E Court Kokua: 1DTA-18-01860 – State v. Alan Kekoa Texeira

March, 2020: Corona Towers: Council Hides Behind Quarantine, Gives Development Deal to Convicted Felon

Original Source for Council Candidate Texeira Gets DUI, Court Records Sealed > Hawaii Free Press

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