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Divi 4 Theme Countdown

Elegant Themes is promoting the launch of the new version of Divi, their great theme. Check it out    They are also giving away an Apple Laptop to one of the 500,000 people joining the contest. WIN THE APPLE  

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Favorite Elephant Sanctuary


Hospitality and travel products and offers consistently change because of the enduring demand for ethical tourism. Understanding the probable unwanted effects of the tourist trade on communities has persuaded travelers to look for more responsible travel options. Sustainable travel has become so favored that some say that it has changed from ‘alternative’ to ‘mainstream’. The various economic elements surrounding sustainable tourism, not to mention interrelated concepts described as responsible hospitality and tourism, green tourism, and ecotourism are what a lot of people are looking for.

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locally owned Favela Tours in Brazil « Ethical Travel Guide


Travel and hospitality offers continue steadily to progress because of the long-term call for responsible tours and accommodations. Learning about the likely undesirable influences of tourism locally has led many travelers to want more responsible trips. Sustainable travel is now so favored that some say that it has transformed from ‘alternative’ to ‘mainstream’. The varied marketplace details associated with sustainable tourism, in addition to similar concepts designated as responsible hospitality and tourism, ethical travel, and eco-tourism are more important now than when first introduced decades ago.

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