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Favorite Elephant Sanctuary


Most people would agree that it’s more or less a given that all travel activities of no matter what reason – holidays, company trips, business conferences, adventure tours and ecotourism – should be sustainable; there just is no justification for unfavorable impacts anymore. Considered from a community development perspective the economics and potential for exploitation having to do with tourism might make undesirable circumstances, including societal disruption, damaged culture, excessive commercial reliance and environmental damage.

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locally owned Favela Tours in Brazil « Ethical Travel Guide


You don’t need careful research to come to the conclusion it’s pretty much a given that all travel and leisure activities of no matter what motivation – holidays, business trips, events, adventure tours and ecotourism – must be sustainable; there simply is no defense for damaging effects any more. Perceived from a community perspective the economics and possibility of abuse of tourism could cause complications, such as social disruption, decrease in cultural heritage, excessive economic dependency and ecological destruction.

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