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Best Sleepover Party For Kids with Elite Teepees – Rancho Santa Fe Magazine

Local area people are an outstanding reference or resource. California is undoubtedly a destination in which the subject of responsible travel and tourism deserves attention. People are focused on Californian getaways simply because of its repute as being a fascinating option.

a trip to the state of California

Visiting California, the Golden State

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a trip to the state of California

Visiting California

Best Sleepover Party For Kids with Elite Teepees – Rancho Santa Fe Magazine

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Best Sleepover Party For Kids with Elite Teepees #kids #parties #eliteteepees #rsfmag #ranchosantafemagazine

Elite Teepees, started in the heart of San Diego, begins with a dream and ends with pure joy. Founder, Nikki has many years of creative expression under her belt and has found her way to back them through her launch of Elite Teepees. After enjoying a successful career in the corporate consulting world that spanned over five continents she found home in Carlsbad, California. Looking at the gorgeous sunsets as inspiration to start a new chapter where dreams come true.

Elite Teepees is looking to bring a new wave of creativity to your next party. With a mission to make your dreams come true with a sleepover experience all about fun and imagination. Organizing parties, especially sleepovers can cost precious time. In today’s non-stop world don’t let the stress of planning outweigh the joy of a festive night in with friends.  This is where Elite Teepees comes in; fully equipped with mattresses, bedding, decorative pillows, fur rug, bed tray, night lights, personalized name plaque,  bunting/garland, decorative themed accessories, party favors and a sprinkle of magic!

Best Sleepover Party For Kids with Elite Teepees #kids #parties #eliteteepees #rsfmag #ranchosantafemagazine

“If you are searching for an epic sleepover party for kids, this is a perfect dream come true. They set up everything and each child gets their own space. As a mom, this takes some of the stress away. They have something for all ages (even adults) and different themes to choose from. My daughter absolutely loved everything and can’t wait to have another sleepover! Thank you for making memories for our children.”

Best Sleepover Party For Kids with Elite Teepees #kids #parties #eliteteepees #rsfmag #ranchosantafemagazine

Recently featured on Fox5 to showcase their exquisite designs, Elite Teepees is stress-free for the party goers and the party throwers. The only thing your guests need to bring are their overnight bag and sense of adventure. To put it simply: we set up the space, you enjoy the party, and we pack it up the next day. From a night of fun with friends, your sports or social team, a special birthday (double digits, entering the teen years, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quince,  Sweet 16), a girls or family glamp-in or a kids-corner at a wedding reception – we embrace any age & cater to all life’s celebrations. For more information on the Elite Teepee Experience please check us out at and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @eliteteepees for exciting updates on our party themes!

Contact Info:

[email protected]  | 310.800.8554 | Carlsbad, CA

Best Sleepover Party For Kids with Elite Teepees #kids #parties #eliteteepees #rsfmag #ranchosantafemagazine

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California Vacation

Usually the more instructive posts are not all encompassing educational studies but anecdotal experiences featuring people and small communities. Then again, unexpectedly often it is the biggest institutions offering the more entertaining and truthful accounts. Without a doubt there is also a role for tourism statistics data or policy assessment. Articles about traveling to California like Best Sleepover Party For Kids with Elite Teepees – Rancho Santa Fe Magazine help us to uncover the far reaching topics of sustainable travel.

Whether or not it comes from fresh perspectives or societal sensibilities by-and-large customers desire sustainable tourism and would like to be responsible tourists. California is a travel destination where sustainable tourism is essential.

When you are actually focused on sampling wilderness, vacationing with the whole family, choosing a romantic getaway, looking for adventure, looking for new food experiences, or absolutely love heritage, the Golden State features countless choices. Often considered as excellent bucket list items for folks traveling to California is not complete without the following recommendations regarding sights, interesting attractions, and things you can do.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is proud of its distinguished museums and galleries, singular accommodations, different activities and beaches. Situated in Southern California, LA is a vast metropolis and the center of the movie and tv business.

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Los Angeles Getaway

San Diego

The southernmost city before entering Mexico, San Diego has awesome food, outside activities, and climate. San Diego has great California cuisine, this southernmost of California cities has some truly great restaurants, fantastic beaches, and envious weather and this is the city for relaxing in. Be careful you might want to relocate here.
Sea World: This popular aquatic theme park offers rides, animal exhibits, and shows.
San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park: Top Rated reputations, suitable for all age groups.
Old Town San Diego: Charming district with shopping, spectacular Mexican food.

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San Diego Getaway