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time for destination management instead of destination promotion — MercoPress

Travel and hospitality offers consistently change because of the enduring demand for responsible travel. Information on the probable damaging effects of tourism on communities has persuaded visitors to request more responsible holidays. Sustainable travel is now so prevalent that some say that it has changed from ‘alternative’ to ‘mainstream’. The numerous market place details that involve sustainable tourism, with similar approaches marked as responsible hospitality and tourism, and ecotourism are not really a new idea.

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Hawaii cultural festivals and special events: May - August 2019

Perhaps it’s because of non-profit organizations and associations spreading the word, or possibly businesspeople noticing a successful market, there are additional products and services and extra sales of travel and hospitality products and services that fulfill the principles of ethical travel. Whether it is a national government initiative or merely the public indicating what they really want, the outcome look alike – there are additional products and services and a whole lot more interest in travel products and offers that meet the practices of responsible tourism.

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