Alaska is an area where the situation of green hospitality and travel deserves attention. Travel agencies are interested in Alaskan excursions due to its reputation as a world-class place. Exactly what is the top rated vacation location?

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As spill response enters third week, oil continues to make its way into Port Valdez

was written by Lex Treinen — Special to Alaska Public Media – Anchorage , 2020-04-28 03:28:48

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Boomed areas at the Valdez Marine Terminal near the Small Boat Harbor (Photo from 2020 VMT Incident Command)

Three weeks after an oil spill was identified at the end of the trans-Alaska Pipeline, responders say that some oily water is still making its way into Port Valdez. 

Kate Dugan, communications officer for the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, which operates the trans-Alaska Pipeline, said that crews made major progress late last week in stemming the flow of oily water when they located a pipe that was discharging into the port. 

“We couldn’t see the end of the pipe until at some point last week, and it turns out it’s some part of a historical preconstruction era piping system, so it wasn’t on my of the current drawings that we could find,” she said. 

Crews found the system in historical diagrams of the area, said Dugan. Late last week, crews installed a treatment system, made up of three successive tanks from which the oil sheen at the top was skimmed. 

But even after treating that oily water, Dugan said there is still a sheen in water being discharged into the port.

Though some oil is still getting into the port, Dugan said that responders have been able to reduce the total boomed area by about two thirds and that they are gradually decommissioning some of the response vessels. 

It is still unclear how the water made its way from the sump, a four-foot-diameter, sixteen-foot deep tank, that overflowed after a pump malfunctioned, into the old underground piping system. 

Dugan said that crews are still excavating around the area to try to determine the flow path of the oil in the ground.

“We have to do it systematically, we have to engineer and survey because there’s so much underground utilities and piping systems around the terminal so it’s challenging work,” she said. 

Dugan said it might be weeks before Alyeska can determine the exact cause of the spill. 

So far, over fifty thousand gallons of oily water have been recovered from Port Valdez from which 590 gallons of pure oil have been recovered. The final amount won’t be known until off-site metering is completed. 

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A Visit To Alaska

One thing we’ve discovered is that the more instructive written content are not extensive abstract case studies but anecdotal experiences highlighting people and small communities. Nevertheless, paradoxically often it is the large organizations that provide the more entertaining and instructive accounts. As expected there is also a role for travel and tourism statistics research or policy assessment. Content about going to Alaska including As spill response enters third week, oil continues to make its way into Port Valdez help us to take a look at the broad topics of sustainable tourism.

Consistent with multiple surveys by-and-large customers prefer sustainable tourism and want to be responsible tourists. Alaska is a travel destination in which sustainable travel is critical.

Some experts say that the most strongly recommended bucket list items for anybody heading to Alaska includes

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