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a vacation in Alaska

A Vacation In Alaska

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Alaska Psychiatric Institute has its first COVID-19 case

was written by Tegan Hanlon, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage , 2020-07-17 03:46:53

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Alaska Psychiatric Institute (Alaska Department of Health and Social Services)

An employee at the Alaska Psychiatric Institute has tested positive for COVID-19. It’s the first case that the state has publicly tied to the Anchorage psychiatric hospital.

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services announced the case in a statement Thursday. It said the employee became sick last Wednesday, took a COVID-19 test and hasn’t returned to the hospital since.

“No other staff or patients have shown symptoms of the disease,” the statement said. “The employee took excellent precautions to minimize the risk of exposure.”

New patient admissions to API will be on hold for at least the next 72 hours, according to the statement. API is the state’s only inpatient psychiatric hospital. 

The health department counted the case in its report Thursday of 75 new COVID-19 infections: 65 Alaskans and 10 nonresidents. The number of infections reported daily has continued to surge in Alaska in recent days, and hospitals say they’re seeing an increase in patients with coronavirus symptoms in emergency rooms.

At API, leadership found out about the positive COVID-19 case Wednesday afternoon and began notifying their colleagues and contractors, said the health department. API is also working with the state to trace the person’s recent contacts to try to contain the disease’s spread.

The state says API has had additional safety measures in place for months to try to keep COVID-19 out including mask requirements and health screenings.

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a vacation in Alaska, the 49th State

A Vacation In Alaska

Frequently the most instructive writing does not come from sweeping academic research studies but personal stories featuring people and small communities. Yet, unexpectedly often it is the largest institutions that provide the fresh and insightful narratives. Without a doubt there is also a role for tourism and hospitality statistical reviews or policy analysis. Posts about traveling to Alaska including Alaska Psychiatric Institute has its first COVID-19 case help us to explore the broad topics of sustainable tourism.

Alaska is a region where sustainable travel and tourism is mandatory.

A consensus among experts lists advisable must see attractions for tourists exploring Alaska includes

Denali National Park and Preserve. Originally created to protect wildlife, the views are having said that breathtaking. Denali includes 160 miles of the Alaska Range and commanding this sky line is North America’s greatest peak; 20,320 foot Mount McKinley simply one of the most awesome views in Alaska, if not the world. But it’s not only the mountain which makes Denali National Park an exceptional place. The park is also the place to find 37 species of mammals, which range from lynx, marmots and Dall sheep, to foxes and snowshoe hares, and one hundred thirty different bird species can be found identified here, such as the remarkable golden eagle. The majority of visitors, however, want to see 4 animals in particular: moose, caribou, wolf and everybody’s popular: the grizzly, bear. Denali, in contrast to the majority of wilderness areas in the country, it’s not necessary to be a backpacker to watch this kind of wildlife, they can be seen right next to the famous Denali Park road. Not surprisingly then, visitors come here in droves; the park is a popular destination, appealing to 432,000 visitors every year. Through the years the National Park Service (NPS) has evolved unique visitor-management strategies, such as closing its only road to the majority of vehicles. Because of this Denali National Park is still the awesome wilderness it had been two decades ago. The entrance has changed, but the park itself has not, and a brown bear meandering on the tundra ridge still provide the same quiet excitement as it did when the park first opened up in 1917. Though generations of Athabascans had wandered through what’s these days the park, the first permanent settlement was set up in 1905, when a gold miners’ rush established the town of Kantishna. A year later, naturalist and hunter Charles Sheldon was taken aback by the beauty of the land and mortified at the careless abandon of the miners and big-game hunters. Sheldon came back in 1907 and traveled the area with guide Harry Karstens in an effort to setup boundaries for a proposed national park. Sheldon was successful and the location was organized as Mount McKinley National Park in 1917 along with Karstens serving as the park’s first superintendent. As a result of the 1980 Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, the park was increased to a lot more than 6 million acres and re-named Denali National Park and Preserve. Denali now consists of an area somewhat larger than the state of Massachusetts and is typically rated as one of Alaska’s top attractions.

a trip to Denali National Park in Alaska

Going To Denali National Park in Alaska, the Last Frontier