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a visit to the state of Alaska

A Trip To Alaska

Quite often finding local news reports is a lot more worthwhile than meticulous magazine summaries. Opinions from localized writers can give good perception for vacationers interested in place info. Yet another quick analysis caught my eye and therefore we all realized it should be re-shared. There appears to be a demand for stories that include all the solutions readers are looking for. Ideally it is believed to be suitable to mention another valuable feature piece about factors to look for for visitors assessing an Alaskan journey.

11 workers at Whittier seafood plant test positive for COVID

was written by Lex Treinen, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage , 2020-06-04 23:35:54

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The Port in Whittier, Alaska (Graelyn Brashear, KSKA – Anchorage)

Eleven workers at a Whittier seafood processor tested positive for the coronavirus, according to City Manager Jim Hunt. 

The individuals, who worked at Whittier Seafood, were immediately isolated and have been transported to Anchorage, where they are being monitored under quarantine. 

“Everything’s being followed, temperature checks are being done twice a day, meals being delivered, and they’re not permitted to leave their rooms,” he said. 

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Hunt said that the first individual received a positive test on June 1 and subsequently 10 more positive tests were reported on June 3. He said the test results from Whittier Seafood were immediately communicated to the city.

“We are open, our facilities, you know, the harbor facilities are open. But we’re being extremely careful. And we have been all along, because we’re just we’re so isolated,” he said.  

According to the company’s coronavirus safety plan it submitted to the state, new employees are quarantined for 14 days and tested on arrival.

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“Housing assignments and mealtime assignments will be designed to internally quarantine newly arrived employees within the greater Whittier Seafood community.  Housing assignments, mealtime assignments, Social Distancing, and mandatory PPE guidelines must be strictly complied with to maintain the efficacy of the internal working quarantine model.  Failure to strictly comply with these requirements will result in immediate termination of employment,” reads the plan.

Hunt said he was not aware of any violation of the company’s policy.

In a press release, the state Department of Health and Social Services wrote that the workers did not interact with the public. “After arriving in Whittier, the workers were quarantined, screened daily and tested,” read the release.

The state health department on Thursday reported 26 new coronavirus cases, 18 of which were among nonresidents.  All but one of those were seafood workers.

This article contains updated after to reflect that the Department of Health and Social Services originally reported 12 coronavirus cases in the Kenai Peninsula Borough. The department later reported that in fact 10 of those cases were in the Valdez-Cordova Census area.

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a trip to the state of Alaska

A Visit To Alaska, the Last Frontier

Oftentimes the most explanatory written content does not come from extensive educational surveys but pragmatic experiences showcasing people and small communities. Nonetheless, actually often it is the big organizations offering the more entertaining and useful narratives. Obviously there is also a role for travel and tourism statistical data or policy analysis. Content about going to Alaska, America’s icebox including 11 workers at Whittier seafood plant test positive for COVID help us to have a look around the broad topics of sustainable tourism.

Alaska is a region in which sustainable tourism is critical.

According to many, the strongly suggested bucket list items for visitors coming to Alaska is

Kenai Fjords National Park. Kenai Fjords is usually accessed through Seward. Within the amazingly green waters of the Fjords is an abundant variety of tidewater and piedmont glaciers. Marine wildlife includes otters, sea lions, harbor seals, humpback and orca whales, porpoises, puffins and kittiwakes. Kenai Fjords National Park is more effortlessly reached by tour boats from Seward or by driving out to Exit Glacier, just outside of Seward. Wildlife and glacier displays can be found at the Small Boat Harbor visitor center and the Alaska Sealife Center. Many visitors arrive in Seward by way of cruise ship following an Inside Passage tour. For a fantastic tour, Seward and Kenai Fjords National Park can be reached by car or via the Alaska Railroad from Anchorage. Another excellent option is the Park Connection Motorcoach, with daily summer service and morning or afternoon departures from Anchorage. A great location to remain before or following an Alaska cruise, or for a number of nights during a land tour, Seward offers several unique accommodations possibilities. A cruise into the Kenai Fjords National Park is a must during your trip to Alaska. Kenai Fjords cruises out of Seward vary from 5, 6, eight or ten hours in duration and encompass various areas of the Park, including Resurrection Bay, Fox Island, Holgate Arm and the Northwestern Fjord. Other top interesting attractions include a calm hike to the face of Exit Glacier and a visit to the Alaska SeaLife Center. Sea kayaking and sportfishing out of Seward are wonderful ways to achieve much more up-close and personal experience with the Kenai Fjords surroundings. Seward also has a great selection of unique gift shops and cafes, along with beachcombing, hiking, and horseback riding.

traveling to Kenai Fyords Park in Alaska, America's icebox

A Vacation In Kenai Fyords National Park in Alaska, America’s icebox