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    Short answer: if you want your site to get found by people searching Google… then you want AMP.


    Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP, is a Google-backed project designed for any publisher to have pages load much faster.

    The goal is to allow publishers to use AMP to improve mobile access to news stories, videos, blogs, photos, and GIFs.

    Basically, it creates stripped down versions of your web pages that will load more quickly.

    Google has officially integrated AMP listings into its mobile search results, which have been weighted more heavily in overall search engine results.

    A lot of news sites use it. Search something news related on your phone and you’ll see the AMP searches at the top. AMP is used by leading publishers around the world, including BBC, Guardian News & Media, The Financial Times, CBS News, CNN, Forbes, NFL, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many others.

    AMP achieves its fast speeds in a couple of ways. First, it requires web developers to use a simple set of web technologies to create pages. Most JavaScript is not allowed, which is a really good way to make web pages load faster. Second, it sends pages from its own Google-run servers, at least when you visit an AMP page from a Google search results page.

    Slow loading websites frustrate visitors. They tend to bounce and for you that’s a potential lost booking. In a recent Google study on mobile site speed, they found that 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than just three seconds to load.

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    from the TGP FAQ Knowledge Base 

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