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Asian Elephant Projects is an organization dedicated to helping small, independent elephant tourism operators transition to ethical and sustainable programs which provide a better life for their elephants.

When elephant owners join the program they agree to adhere to a comprehensive set of guidelines designed to ensure the welfare of the elephants under their care. In return, AEP provides the knowledge and resources in support of these projects so that they generate a reliable income for elephant owners and benefit local communities.

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The herd at Elephant Pride, including two females and one gentle male elephant enjoy their days wandering in the forest, swimming in the river and playing in the mud while being visited by kind hearted guests who prepare and feed them delicious treats including banana stalks and banana balls. Visit Elephant Pride to spend time nature with a beautiful herd of elephants.

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Journey to Freedom offers guests an unforgettable week being with elephants in their jungle habitat, far from the urban sprawl. Observing the close knit herd, including mothers and their young, while foraging and interacting naturally is a fascinating experience. Volunteers support the project by helping to plant and prepare food for the elephants and also learn about the local Karen culture.

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Heng Heng, who is almost a year old, joins her mother and nanny to forage in the jungle at Karen Elephant Serenity. She ambitiously takes on a juicy banana stalk, but finds that she isn’t quite up to the task yet. She tries in vain to crush the stalk, moving it around in her mouth, but eventually abandons the idea and lets it drop to the ground.

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The herd at Elephant Highlands always seem so relaxed and spontaneous. Mae Pond, Kham Paeng and Mae Nong Pop are best of friends and enjoy each day together. Watching them interact, forage, and play in their beautiful mountain home is a magical experience, not soon forgotten.

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The herd at Elephant Delight have formed strong bonds of companionship over time. Free to interact together in nature and forage, their lives are now lived with a sense of joy and ease.

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