Affiliate Area


You have some flexibility in how you send visitors to the community and earn referral commissions using Affiliate URLs and/or direct links from your website. Some you can setup on this page, other options require admin to create and/or approve.

As you can see from the Affiliate URLs tab, you can simply append your /ref/username/ to the end of a page address. If you’d prefer to mask your username you can create a custom “slug” – please go to the ‘Settings’ tab on this page 

Please note that due to complexities of the membership setup, links to your member profile page using ref/username  ( …/members/username/ref/username/ ) won’t work properly to track referrals. However you can use Direct Links from your website to your profile page. If you’d like to link to your profile page from social media or other websiteswe need to manually create a custom post page for you at that will track referrals and redirect visitors to your profile. This is process takes a little time for the team to process we’ll notify when done or send us a contact form note to hurry up.

For Banners/Creatives please go to the “Creatives” tab

Direct Links from your website can be setup by you using the Direct Links tab. This allows sending traffic from your website without needing to add the /ref/username/ at the end. We need to approve these to ensure that they are appropriate for the community network.  

Please note that community network sites (Directory, Outsource Marketplace, Events, Job Board, etc. ) will accept and track Direct Links added here, but to see visit and referral traffic reports you’ll need to visit the Affiliate Area for each site.