Related Posts



categories and tags are taxonomies…

I think you’ve worked on this and I cleaned them up a bit

but what’s not really a taxonomy but works even better are the related posts whizbang thingys you see at the bottom of the post

these are links to ‘related’ posts…. you want that… a lot… Yoast SEO talks about it – but these related posts might work even better

this email will make more sense as you get into doing the work — it is quick and easy (-ish)

I’ve got it configured so that posts from the same categories and the same tags link to each other

but you might want to add tweak this

go to a posts editor

scroll down to “Contextual Related Posts”

you can exclude showing related posts – if you want to keep a page clean — like ‘reservations’ you don’t want to distract people. but you might want to add rates and/or reservations as ‘related’

you can exclude a post or a page from being shown as a related post — good for ugly utilitarian pages you don’t necessarily want to try to send people to

so if you want to add a page Featured Tours for example, you would add the ID (not the name, not the URL, the post ID… I added a plugin to make these ID’s easier to find… go to admin > all pages > or all posts and you’ll see a column with ID’s – next to that is another handy bit of info showing the number of internal links to a particular page — you can see how you might want to diversify what you’re pointing to — maybe add the ‘weather’ page as related (helpful information) — maybe a page with webcams from DC metro… virtual tours of parking lots… the key is you want click through from the parking page to other pages which will boost and diversify SEO

for SEO you also want to funnel people from related posts to a money page — ie 10 handicap related posts linking to a comprehensive page about it — you’ll want links in the content, but people will also see and click the thing at the bottom of the page

let me know if you have questions